War Tortoise 2

War Tortoise 2 V1.05.06.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name War Tortoise 2
Publisher Foursaken Media
Genre Action
Size 1 GB
Version V1.05.06.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 13, 2023
Download (1 GB)

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Application introduction

War Tortoise 2 is an action game published by Foursaken Media. In the action game War Turtle 2, players can readily become fully immersed in brutal combat. A wide range of unusual units, including giant grenade beetles, hamster commandos, and mouse commandos, will be summoned by players. As you progress through the game unlock dozens of pilots and heroes and learn their skills, you can create your unique style. Upgrade your War Turtles and support units with an abundance of abilities and skills as you explore various game modes in a stunning full-three-dimensional world!

Introduce about War Tortoise 2

In the theory of modern warfare, tanks are always necessary cards. The more modern tanks a country has, the more powerful it looks. Here, infantry can find solid shelter, and sledgehammers can hurl deadly waves of fire at enemy infantry. Because of how powerful your nation is, what will happen when its army is forced to rely solely on tanks in the far future? I hope you enjoy this! Download War Turtles 2 and give it a try to see how things work out!

War Tortoise 2

Game Features


Perhaps after this game, people will have to reevaluate their claims that turtles are slow-moving, harmless animals. Shortly, turtles are selected and genetically modified to be used as weapons in combat. The brave and formidable warrior turtle who serves as the game’s protagonist in War Tortoise 2 is a character we shouldn’t miss. Although War Tortoise 2 still plays largely the same as the original game, there are some new features that we just cannot ignore. The developer has been very mindful of the player base when trying to implement the automatic feature. Apart from that, there are other features in the game, and the battles carry over even if the player crashes.


As the difficulty of the game increases, the gameplay will remain engaging. You must hone your abilities during the fights if you want to overcome the obstacles. Your enemies are other formidable Giant Turtle riders who have their own state-of-the-art weapons and will stop at nothing to destroy you. Because of this, the turtle you ride will be equipped with all the tools you need to survive in battle, including state-of-the-art weapons to repel enemy fire and strike back. The turtles have a limited supply of stamina and will die from hits or low energy, so players must constantly monitor their health. To win, the player must also figure out how to defeat each enemy and what their weaknesses are.

War Tortoise 2

Brand-new strategic terrain

War Tortoise 2 is an excellent continuation of the first game, offering a ton of new content to explore. As you progress through the game, you’ll discover new areas, face enemies, and conquer terrain of strategic difficulty. Special weapons will help you progress through the game, adding to the overall fun. Instead of the machine guns and rifles that the game comes with by default, you can use plasma guns, cannons, or cannons for a small fee.

Upgrade your powers

Your opponents grow more powerful as you advance in the content. Thus, all that’s left to do is maximize your fighting ability by developing skills like warriors’ firepower or speed. After an upgrade, you will also be able to hit opponents with fewer shots and deflect arrows and bullets. Remember that your only chance of surviving the harsh battlefield is to constantly gather gold. The main purpose of this gold is to enhance and unlock your turtle warrior.

Graphics and sound

War Tortoise 2 performed better than Part 1 thanks to its amazing amount of gameplay and clear 3D graphics. The creator has been successful in crafting a distinctive and strong turtle warrior cast. Players will also have a better gaming experience because they will encounter a variety of battleground settings, including large forests, snow-capped mountains, and deserts. The sound of popping bombs and gunfire, along with the flawless sound quality, make playing the game an exciting experience similar to watching a Hollywood action movie.

War Tortoise 2

Download War Tortoise 2 for Android

Players can relax and have a great time while playing the game. To participate in thrilling combat and vanquish more formidable opponents, download War Tortoise 2!

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