Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Walking Dead: Road to Survival V37.7.4.104314 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Publisher Scopely
Genre Strategy
Size 93 MB
Version V37.7.4.104314
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 13, 2023
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Application introduction

Walking Dead: Road to Survival is a strategy game published by Scopely. With a plot that mostly follows the original comic, Walking Dead: Road to Survival immerses players in an intense, action-packed experience. You can comprehend the post-apocalyptic theme by taking part in this enormous zombie battle game. Uncover the mysteries of The Walking Dead by venturing into its world!

Introduce about Walking Dead: Road to Survival

With its comic book-inspired direction, the game has a unique charm that sets it apart from many of the more realistic zombie games from the past. Philip Blake is the main character heading in this direction. Throughout his post-apocalyptic combat journey in Woodbury, he gradually becomes the most dependable survivor mayor in the area.

Walking Dead

Game Features


Walking Dead retains the fundamental gameplay element of numerous popular zombie-fighting games. Players will take on the roles of several prominent characters from the world of the well-known comic book series The Walking Dead. This time, you can battle with the utmost fervor because you will have total control over your character. You’ll be guided through every chapter until you reach the conclusion by the post-apocalyptic world map. Few zombie games in the comic book style produce as much drama as Walking Dead: Road to Survival, so you’ll be shocked by how intense the turn-based combat is. Fans of the original comics and zombie-themed video games will be thrilled by Walking Dead: Road to Survival’s wealth of new information.

Walking Dead

Turn-based role-playing matches

The turn-based role-playing games in Walking Dead: Road to Survival are simple to use and manage, but they get more challenging as you go along. To defeat the zombies in front of you in these circumstances, you will set up an appropriate fighting formation and make use of each member’s unique skills. The opponent and self groups will be separated during the game. Only one attack on the target may be made by each side in a turn. If you take advantage of each team member’s strengths and use the right timing when combining attacks, you can kill multiple zombies at the end of the turn.

The reason the game is difficult is because of this. Your limited resources, weaponry, and turn-based gameplay will present you with a lot of difficult problems to solve. In this comic book game, using strategy effectively is not simple.

Every choice is crucial

The main characters, setting, and events of Walking Dead: Road to Survival are mostly true to the original comic book. Despite this, the game is set up like a campaign, with every decision the player makes directly affecting how things pan out. As a result, one could arrive at a different conclusion from the same beginning. Every choice you make matters to you. Every decision you make could have a distinct outcome. This has made the already heated zombie war even more intense.

Attractive side missions

In order to enhance the gameplay of turn-based combat, Walking Dead: Road to Survival incorporates side missions like gathering labor and resources to construct a base. The game’s gameplay is substantially improved by these side missions. To ensure that survivors have a sturdy and safe place to live, the base can be constructed gradually. As your character relationships grow, you’ll be able to trade, interact, and find different items in different locations while going about your daily activities. The progress of the battle and the building of the bunker as a whole are affected by each side’s mission. Thus, give careful consideration to each side’s missions.

Walking Dead

Download Walking Dead: Road to Survival

In the well-known Walking Dead comic book series, are you up for trying something new? A great game to practice your tactical turn-based fighting skills is The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

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