Volzerk V1.3.1 MOD APK (Damage/Defense)

Name Volzerk
Publisher COLOPL, Inc.
Genre Role-playing
Size 107 MB
Version V1.3.1
MOD Info Damage/Defense
Updated December 14, 2023
Download (107 MB)

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Application introduction

Volzerk is a role-playing game published by COLOPL, Inc. The theme of the action role-playing game Volzerk is a monster universe. On this amazing adventure, you will create legendary monsters and use them to defeat every enemy on the planet.

Introduce about Volzerk

Follow protagonist Fina on her adventures to find the fabled monster! Discover this amazing planet and train mythical creatures! Boost your monster’s abilities, make new colorful friends, and bravely fight powerful enemies!


Game features


Lemria Fortress is among the most peculiar locations on Earth. An island is isolated in the middle of a stormy sea. Lemria, which is buried beneath the earth’s surface and is home to numerous unidentified “monsters” and secret ruins, is the only location that remains with an abundance of natural resources. For this reason, this place is known as the Middle-Earth Monster Universe. People were drawn to the island and all of its residents from the moment of the island’s accidental discovery. A unique research team has been assembled by humans on that strange island. The research team wants to learn everything they can about the island as their encounters with its monsters grow more frequent.

One day, Beast Magna engaged in a bloody combat with the Volzerk Island Guardian. Then, as if they had never existed, they all disappeared at once. The island now seems strangely empty because the monsters were eliminated due to the loud battles of the past and Walczak’s disappearance. It’s hardly discussed these days and it’s never included in any texts. Almost everyone who knew about the long-gone monster stronghold had disappeared.


At this moment, a survey team has found Lemria. The lead investigator on the case is Fina, the lone witness to Walzek’s disappearance. She felt something strange happen to her one day, and she started to think she might be able to bring Volzark back. The player’s adventure as Fina begins here. The title of the game is Volzerk, an action role-playing title. You will travel to a remarkable place and engage in thrilling human-monster combat. Because of the peculiar combination of human and monster elements, players will be able to acquire skills never seen in the game before. You will also be able to use the unique properties of multiple weapons.


Feeding and breeding monsters

Volzerk is an action role-playing game. Finding and raising the monsters correctly is necessary if you want an army of them. Together with the monster you have bred, found, and raised, you can discover your true strength. Stated differently, the strength of the monster you are raising is determined by it during its development. In addition to raising multiple monster species, you can Self-Break two monsters to create a new monster that shares the two ability advantages and two wings of the parent species. In this game, use this technique to create a surprising new species.

Moreover, you can breed monsters with the monsters that your friends who are playing Volzerk have, if you’d like. This means that the first rule of the game is to choose your monster according to your fighting style and preferences.

Background music and graphics

The three main elements of Volzerk’s success are voiceover, background music, and visual design. Each monster in Volzerk is made from visually arresting anime and incredible 2D artwork, with odd shapes that draw the eye. There is a faint resemblance to monsters from Eastern mythology, but they are also mixed in with mythological species from Western mythology, giving them the appearance of actual wild animals. This magical mix creates a variety of weird monsters that are unmatched throughout the game. The excitement of discovering a new monster species causes an adrenaline rush, which maintains the action’s dramatic quality while it’s being played.

There is also a lot of background music in Volzerk. There is a distinct sound design for each scenario. Volzerk’s voice cast is equally amazing. Every distinct personality feature of a human being has been captured by the beautiful voice.


Download Volzerk for Android

The role-playing game Volzerk, which includes monster fighting, is recommended if you’re interested in this genre.

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