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Application introduction

Come and download the great and convenient app Volume Styles to remove yourself from any trouble created by the volumes on your phone!

Introduction about Volume Styles

You may have found it very troublesome when the volume on your phone is either too loud or too low and you have failed to adjust it accurately in detail. Or have you ever experienced the situation that loudness deviation of your alarm volume is so low that you fail to wake up from the deep sleep? Such problems on your phone will bring many annoying troubles in your daily life. But now, don’t worry any more because you can have the application named Volume Styles to solve all of these problems!

Volume Styles

— What is Volume Styles?

It’s an outstanding app available on Android phone aiming at helping users customize the volume bar of all sound types as well as apps in their phone. With the help of this app, you are enabled to make your phone more personalized and comfortable to use and suitable for your daily requirements.

— Edit the volume bar for each app

It’s quite known that different can reach different disagreement. Though this is very common, such disagreement will bring a variety of troubles and inconvenience to the owner of this device. For instance, you may have to turn up your phone sound when you want to enjoy a game with a very small volume bar. While when you switch to another app with very high volume bar such as YouTube, your phone will squeal loudly that may scare you. This brings certain discomfort to your life. As a result, you need an app like Volume Styles to help you individually adjust the volume of each app rather than to control the whole volume of your phone.

There is a setting page with the volume bar option settings in this app. You can find a list of the apps installed on your phone when you come to the “Applications Volumes” section. And you can set the volume level and effect of any specific app you choose if you like. You can freely select whether the sound is high or low, large or small according to your needs.

Except for that, you can also customize different volume profiles for different apps for convenience. For example, if you want to listen to music while enjoying games, you can set the volume to high for music applications and low for your games. It really solves the problem when we cannot adjust he volume of each app in detail, which causes us to be annoyed by the volume of both apps that kick one another.

Volume Styles

— Protect your hearing when the volume is too loud

It is a quite helpful and recommendable feature of Volume Styles to protect your hearing and avoid the too loud volume. When the volume you have adjusted is beyond the safe level and may harm your hearing, this app will send you a warning to notice you to turn it down. It will keep your volume within the safe limit to make sure to avoid the situation when your volume will exceed the safe level. This is also seen as a safety warning feature, one of the most important features aiming at protecting your hearing.

— Adjust the interface as you like

Volume Styles also offers a very unique feature, which enables you to customize its interface according to your own preference. Besides adjusting the volume on your phone, you are also allowed to beautify the look by adding various interesting elements such as molds, columns when you use the volume bar to adjust the volume. You can also add some attracting effects as a good way to make your phone unique and cool!

In conclusion, Volume Styles is such a useful application to help you make good use of the audio system of your phone more accurately and comfortably. It has various features and options for you to choose to personalize and customize your own device. Are you searching for an app to solve the problems of the audio imbalance or tone up your mobile? If so, install Volume Styles to have a try to make your life much easier and more convenient!

Volume Styles


  • Name of App: Volume Styles
  • Category: Health & Fitness   
  • File size: 6MB
  • Last updated on: June 29, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v4.4.0 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: Tom Bayley 
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Unlocked)
  • Requires Android: Android 5.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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