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Voice Changer v1.02.71.0911 MOD APK(Pro Unlocked)

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Application introduction

Are you not satisfied with your original voice? Or do you want to change your voice in some certain situations? If so, come and download the app Voice Changer to make your voice totally different!

Introduction about Voice Changer

With the development of the technology and quality of daily life, various entertaining features have been released, among which Voice Changer needs to be mentioned. It’s a mobile app aiming at transforming your voice into a completely different version. Whatever your purposes are, including entertainment, job, creativity, or humor, this app can always help enrich your daily life. Here are some details about the app Voice Changer.

Voice Changer

— Mechanism of operation

This app enables you to transform your original voice into different audio versions. To achieve this, it will change audio parameters including its pitch and bass, frequency, speed and some other factors and finally results in a completely new voice. You can turn your voice into that of some legendary figures, famous singers, and even the animals or aliens!

With its complex audio engineering and processing techniques, this app builds in very rich features and audio effects to change your voice.

— Speak anyones voice

As long as you have enough information of the quality of one’s voice, Voice Changer can be available for almost all the people. If you are male or have a masculine voice, this app can turn your voice into a feminine one. And if you like, you can even shift into a child with very fun and adorable voice to entertain others!

Moreover, if you want to show how serious and professional you are, you can use the mature voice. If you want to change your voice just for fun, there are also many interesting types like mysterious monster voice, robot voice, animal voice, and even voice of a famous person such as Adam Levine or Michel Jordan!

Except the built-in voice types, this app also allows you to customize a unique voice according to your own preference. By fine-tuning the amplitude, frequency and come other factors, you can create a special and individual voice of your own, and even make the voice of one of your friends to prank him or her!

Voice Changer

— Put Voice Changer into diverse practice

There are people from different countries around the whole world with all kinds of jobs using this app, such as YouTubers, streamers, and other online creators. They can create their virtual character by transforming their voices for many purpose such as playing games or matching their video content to make it richer and more attractive.

Besides, there is a certain situation when you don’t want to show your real voice in order to protect your personal identity when you chat online with strangers. You can also change your voice through this app the time you need to participate in online voice games or calls. In this way can you avoid revealing your real identity to a stranger or someone you don’t want to reveal.  

In other words, as long as you are interested in creating the entertainment or some unique content, let Voice Changer support you in some way!

In conclusion, Voice Changer is such a useful tool that can change your voice when necessary, whether for entertainment use or some specific occasions. It has currently received many downloads and trust by most people because of its quite interesting and creative features. And there are much more fun waiting for you to explore in Voice Changer in the future as long as you download it right now!

Voice Changer


  • Name of App: Voice Changer
  • Category: Music & Audio   
  • File size: 27MB
  • Last updated on: September 18, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v1.02.71.0911 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: Dairy App & Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder 
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Pro Unlocked)
  • Requires Android: Android 5.1
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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