VOEZ V2.2.3 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Publisher Rayark International Limited
Genre Music
Size 525 MB
Version V2.2.3
MOD Info Unlocked
Updated December 15, 2023
Download (525 MB)

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Application introduction

VOEZ is a music game released by Rayark International Limited, you will enter the game to swim in the sea of music. VOEZ is a fun rhythm game that has the biggest music library currently available. Would you like to play a game and enjoy some thrilling music? You can find fulfillment in VOEZ while also having the chance to take in some thought-provoking tales.

Introduce about VOEZ

How much time has passed since your last time playing a music game? When was the last time you followed unending noises while letting go of anxiety and thought and instead felt only joy? If you’re looking for a music game with young characters and incredible modern music, visit VOEZ. With melody after melody, VOEZ takes you on a colorful adolescent journey where you can discover a plethora of stories about youth that are full of joy, happiness, pride, and even melancholy love. You will be amazed by the remarkable beauty of music games as each player can enjoy the game in their own unique way while listening to their own favorite melody and rhythm and hearing everyone else’s stories.


Game features


In the VOEZ story, Chelsea is the main character. Two of this lovely young woman’s favorite things are baking and singing. After the girl had been living a normal, peaceful life and thought she would never get the chance to realize her dream, an unexpected event happened. While Chelsea was a high school student, an unexpected incident took place on campus. By accident, the girl found that some of her classmates were as passionate as she was. The group comes together and decides to pursue a common goal. The band VOEZ, which is also the name of the game, got its start with this.

However, life is not a dream. Anybody can form a band if they are motivated enough. But it’s very difficult to maintain the group’s reputation, arouse everyone’s passion, and bring everyone together every day. If you want to stick with it and maintain your band and your love of music, you have to figure out how to use your group’s strength to get past obstacles.


A unique and lively music game

The melodies of many captivating new tracks will be heard as you follow the passionate journey of group VOEZ, with Chelsea as the main character. The sound is accurately represented in terms of treble, bass, and drop, and has clear and flexible control. Not only is the music excellent in the game but so are the graphics. You will have countless opportunities to host the stunningly beautiful characters from the band. Everybody has a different approach to musical challenges and a different level of proficiency with their chosen instrument. When you unlock new characters, it’s like embarking on an exciting new journey.

Constantly innovating and updating

The goal of the mobile rhythm game VOEZ is to constantly surpass previous records in terms of music selection. Every month, the creators release a fresh collection of songs. Occasionally, the developer releases updates along with amazing free song packs. After downloading VOEZ, you may play it and engage in online multiplayer combat with people all over the world. The game has a lot of potential for long-term gameplay development that will undoubtedly keep a lot of players interested as long as it keeps trying to improve and update its real-time music battles.


Download VOEZ for Android

Explore the lovely music world of VOEZ if you’re looking for a great music game. Rich narratives, captivating juvenile personas, an uncommon music library, and exquisite visuals are all here. It’s a must to try VOEZ if you enjoy music games and have certain expectations regarding sound and visuals. You’ll have an amazing time with it! You can also invite your loved ones to play the game with you, engage in rivalry, and exchange anecdotes.

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