Viva Project 2

Viva Project 2 V1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Viva Project 2
Publisher Poison Pill
Genre Role-playing
Size 789 MB
Version V1.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 19, 2023
Download (789 MB)

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Application introduction

Viva Project 2 is a graphically beautiful role-playing game published by Poison Pill. You can interact with all of the adorable anime characters in the modern simulation game Viva Project 2 by playing with them and getting positive action reactions from them. bathing in the stream alongside the gorgeous anime girls! The backdrop of Viva Project 2 is a town with hot springs.  This high-tech simulation game is not compatible with virtual reality (VR), but you can still freely interact with a variety of lovely AI anime characters and enjoy poignant, charming, and interactive actions.

Introduce about Viva Project 2

Modern AI simulation technology enables players to freely interact with the AI anime character in the game, according to the manufacturer’s description. On the other hand, the AI character can remember, notice, and record what you do. The AI girls will respond to player actions by taking action based on this. This ability can be explained by the fact that the clever AIs in the game operate autonomously, even when carrying out a variety of complex tasks, by using the inverse kinematics mode. Touching a girl’s cheek with your fingers allows you to feel her temperature. Viva Project 2 features more than 200 seductive animated girls, each of which can react to the player’s various actions.

Viva Project 2

Game features

Free to choose how to play

You have control over the girls’ emotions in Viva Project 2, in addition to their movements. Like the girl in real life who experiences unpredictable rain in the morning and afternoon, the charming and cheery girls in Viva Project 2 have undergone a profound emotional transformation. You and the girl in the game are emotionally connected and influence each other. You can play, make jokes, flirt, tease, ask them to try a certain snack, or you can just want to cuddle up in a bath with the girls and be friends.

You and these stunning girls are special in this world of hot springs. As a result of their freedom to choose how they want to play, every player will behave differently and produce different outcomes.

Viva Project 2

Unlock new characters

The gorgeous anime girls in Viva Project 2 are all unique in their personalities and styles, even though they were all built from the ground up. At the same time, when you unlock a new character, you can freely customize a girl’s appearance by changing her eyes, skin tone, hair, and swimsuit style.

As you participate in more interactions, your gaming points will rise. After your credits accumulate to a certain amount, you’ll be able to unlock a new female character. Because each young girl in the game has a unique body, expression, personality, and physical attributes, she will respond to other people’s gestures and movements in different ways. No two people are exactly alike. In the same hot spring bath, you have the opportunity to touch, feel, and get up close to so many different beautiful personalities.

A passionate gaming community

Within Viva Project 2, there is a small but connected community for those interested in AI anime interactive art. Come discuss ideas and learn how to give characters distinct voices, clothes, and hairstyles by joining the community. You can also give them tips on how to rile up those gorgeous AI girls or make them comply with all of your demands. Many experienced players in the community are willing to share these tips. Interacting with the community will result in you spending more time with the game’s girls and less time learning about the game itself.

Viva Project 2

Download Viva Project 2 for Android

Viva Project 2 can be a somewhat sensitive game because there are so many beautifully rendered female characters relatively close to you. Due to its dynamic feedback feature in both action and mood, Viva Project 2 has quickly gained the interest of many men worldwide. Anyone over the age of eighteen is allowed to play this game.

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