Vikingard V1.8.14.6d7b266a MOD APK (Speed Up)

Name Vikingard
Publisher Exptional Global
Genre Role-playing
Size 2 GB
Version V1.8.14.6d7b266a
MOD Info Speed Up
Updated December 20, 2023
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Application introduction

Vikingard is a role-playing game published by Exptional Global. The popular role-playing game Onmyoji, which has millions of players worldwide, and the fact that NetEase developers are one of the biggest game publishers in China have made a lot of gamers familiar with the company. Vikingard APK, an entirely new strategy game, was recently released. It is incredibly popular, with over a million downloads and an exceptional rating of 4.6 out of 5 even though it was only recently released.

Introduce about Vikingard

Vikingard is a singular example of a Nordic-style product; both its graphics and sound design are Nordic. Step into the game, establish your domain, oversee your herd, confront formidable adversaries, broaden your area of impact, and never forget that you have a leadership responsibility to show respect to your people.


Game features


As the head of a Scandinavian village, you find yourself in a challenging situation. People will always be plagued by natural disasters, starvation will occur, and nations and villages will continually be invaded. To stop the hunger of the tribe that is about to destroy you, you need to find talented people, mold them into important people, and start a trading farm. You will also transform your village into an economically and militarily unrivaled place of wealth and prosperity where locals can live and work in peace and security from hostile invaders.

Collecting Viking Heroes

In the classic turn-based gameplay, your objective is to collect Hersirs, or Viking heroes, from all over the place. Every Hersirs warrior has a distinct fighting style and set of skills, so you have a lot of options when it comes to fighting techniques. The bonus points can be stacked for the strongest hero each time you level up, or you can divide them equally among all of the heroes. The Viking heroes gain power as they level up, and eventually, their stats will be able to defeat even the most formidable opponents.

Additionally, employing talented people will support land preservation, agriculture, and strong economic growth. Based on their skills and stats, you can choose and place each person in the appropriate locations throughout the village.


Explore a huge world

You may travel throughout the vast United Kingdom and the regions of numerous other countries after your little nation has stabilized. There’s a large map that covers the Nordic and European regions that you can explore. There are many locations and mysteries in Vikingard that are just waiting for you to uncover. Let’s become a legendary leader that the entire continent knows about and looks up to!

The alliance system

In the game, you won’t be playing by yourself—you’ll be battling against innumerable nations made up of AI and other players. Let’s share and promote trade, form a powerful alliance, or protect one another from adversarial countries. There are no permanent Allies or enemies, and you must proceed with caution. Anyone can betray someone at any time, just like in the popular Game of Thrones movie. You should always use caution in this regard.

The inheritance feature

The developers included dating and marriage features in order to improve the game’s aesthetic appeal. You can now choose, present, and flirt with the right person. Treasure these special times together so that you can have offspring. Of course, building your successor’s strength, power, and talent will take time and work. The long-term prosperity of your nation will be ensured by producing a good heir.

Graphics and sound

Vikingard has very good graphics. A wonderfully beautiful and authentic Viking atmosphere emanates from the armored weapons, on-screen maps, settings, and character design. It shows the growth of the Nordic region from its prehistoric era as well as the valiant and vicious battles. Depending on the situation, a lot of depressing background music with a hint of tragedy is included to give the player the impression that they are completely immersed in the medieval Nordic world.

Download Vikingard for Android

To build a strong and prosperous country you will encounter a lot of difficult things. In this fantastic summertime strategy game, you can rise to the position of powerful Viking leader and lead your people to prosperity and glory.

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