Viking Village

Viking Village V8.6.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources)

Name Viking Village
Publisher Limitless, LLC
Genre Strategy
Size 81 MB
Version V8.6.8
MOD Info Unlimited Resources
Updated December 20, 2023
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Application introduction

Viking Village is a strategy game published by Limitless, LLC. Numerous video games have drawn inspiration from the bloodthirsty Vikings, who were vivacious, unwavering in their conviction that they could subdue any obstacle with force, and rapidly rose to legendary status. If you’re looking for a novel, distinct, and fresh Viking world where strategy is valued above violence, then download Viking Village immediately. This game has easy-to-understand gameplay and a basic block design.

Introduce about Viking Village

The Vikings are a historical group. It was incredible how strong and energetic they were. Many other accomplishments that this nation is proud of have had an impact on world history. Why they’ve proved to be such a prolific source of inspiration for so many big and small games makes sense. Since Viking Village is so intensely warlike, it will likely change your opinion of games with Viking themes, which many people feel are inappropriate for entertainment. As renowned Viking warriors engaged in combat, you take on their roles in this captivating real-time strategy game.

This game does not have a strong smell of blood, nor does it have a lot of pressure, and it is extremely comfortable to play. In this game, you will enter a strategic and wild world full of temptations. In addition to documenting the lives of Viking heroes, the game also includes real-time strategy! Instead of engaging in intense combat, you’ll be more focused on using your tactical brain.

Viking Village

Game features


Base construction, defense, and a dash of RTS strategy will all be mixed together in Viking Village during gameplay. You’ll pretend to be a resolute hero who is charged with building and guarding the Viking settlement. Collect supplies, build defenses, build towers for the archers, armies, and recruit more heroes. Nothing in Viking Village can be done without a plan and a methodical approach. Often, your enemies won’t be just common invaders; they could also be bandits from nearby mountains, malicious knights, or foreign armies.

The player’s only goal is to found a prosperous Viking village in an area free from outside distractions and natural disasters. From there, assume responsibility for making sure the village prospers and that your people are safe from harassment.

Viking Village

Collect and train heroes

In Viking Village, the longer you play, the more trophies you earn. More heroes are drawn to the village from all over the world the more significant the feat is. A plethora of new heroes with unique abilities can be found after that. After receiving training and being deployed to the front lines, they will be placed in watchtowers. Building a strong defensive and strategic combat capability requires making use of the distinctive advantages that each Viking hero has to offer. When you combine the two strategies, you can create a powerful Viking village that doesn’t back down from a fight.

Construct and protect the Viking village

We must first build simple homes out of scarce resources in order to preserve people’s lives and safety in this perilous world full of traps. After basic necessities are met, resources will be enhanced, infrastructure land will be expanded, and more people will be attracted. Creating a strong and diverse defense system is essential. We need to set up watchtowers, traps, and archers’ forts to keep the enemy away from the village.


When playing Viking Village, there are a ton of other entertaining game modes available besides the default game mode. For example, in the 20-Day Survival Mode, your objective is to successfully repel enemies for 20 days while defending your village from all sides. With Quick Survival mode, you get desolate landscapes devoid of any towns, houses, or people. As waves of enemies close in, our goal is to live through every fight to the very end. You may explore the village in the sandbox mode, make use of all the resources at your disposal, and enjoy an endless supply of fun. The Peace Mode will assist you in living in a serene and comfortable setting.

Viking Village

Download Viking Village for Android

In addition to being a soft and charming Viking themed game, Viking Village is also a strategic, non-violent game that you should definitely try.

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