Viking Gods

Viking Gods V1.5.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Viking Gods
Publisher PIKPOK
Genre Casual
Size 257 MB
Version V1.5.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 20, 2023
Download (257 MB)

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Application introduction

Viking Gods is a casual game published by PIKPOK. You have to keep tapping the screen in the idle tap game Viking Gods to level up your character and acquire supplies so they can fight independently. We are discussing the holy Viking warriors this time.

Introduce about Viking Gods

Viking Gods is a fictionalized account of the time between the gods. Chaotic Ragnarok has risen, posing a threat to the Nine Realms, and he is determined to reclaim everything to destroy, purge, and construct his universe. To prevent this from happening, you are to become one of the Viking Gods and collaborate with the goddess Freya. The mission is to retrieve the holy artifacts that Loki stole. These things are scattered across the country. You can end this never-ending battle and put an end to Ragnarok’s madness by gathering them.

Viking Gods

Game features


This is a brand-new 2D cartoon-style idle tap game where you will go on many quests, such as a devastating battle with Ragnarok and a final battle to end everything and restore order to the Nine Realms. To achieve this, you will need to constantly strengthen your defenses by opening resource rooms that contain iron elements. You can become a more powerful Viking warrior and increase your mining productivity by obtaining upgrades for each room.

It’s evident in the end that you are the true hero for persevering against Ragnarok. Your level of progression is directly correlated with how quickly you gather iron. Tap the screen repeatedly to mine iron ore and advance your character. You just need to fight, enjoy yourself, and let the character take care of the rest.

Viking Gods

Find a reliable ally

No matter how strong your Viking warrior skills are, or how close you are to becoming a god, you won’t be able to defeat Ragnarok alone. To defeat him, we must find an ally as loyal as you. Using the gold coins you obtain by tapping and holding the screen, you can unlock and collect more legendary hero characters. In addition to iron, other resources can be used to obtain these coins. They are strong enough to take on Ragnarok’s army together and defend the Nine Realms.

Gain experience points through combat

Players gain experience points through combat. This essentially means that as you get stronger, so do they, allowing players to maximize each player’s stats and improve the team’s champions. The group made slow but steady progress against the formidable bosses, and then bravely crossed the Bifrost bridge to further the peace of the Nine Realms. Eventually, by uniting with Viking heroes worldwide and giving them the means to fight and grow stronger, you will command an army that will never die. Only unity can thwart Ragnarok’s plans, and taking care of your teammates will make your team stronger in the game.

A humorous way to present legendary heroes

Despite your extensive experience with Norse mythological combat role-playing games, Viking Gods will surely provide you with a new and exciting experience. Throughout the battle, you’ll see a lot of fascinating characters, where character movements, play styles, and graphics evolve as the game updates. Viking’s original soundtrack will completely immerse you in this game, and your mood will ebb and flow depending on the plot and battles. Viking Gods is a great game for entertainment because the operation is simple, has a lot of fun elements, and showcases the legendary hero’s abilities in a light-hearted way.

Viking Gods

Download Viking Gods for Android

There are currently over 40 missions available in Viking Gods, including a PVP online mode where players can compete with one another to earn rewards and rank higher on global leaderboards. As you engage Ragnarok in combat to put an end to the mayhem in the Nine Realms, you will gain prestige and strength.

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