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Video MP3 Converter v2.6.7 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Name Video MP3 Converter
Publisher FunDevs LLC
Genre Music & Audio
Size 27MB
Version v2.6.7
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Updated November 24, 2023
Download (27MB)

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Application introduction

Are you in need of an application that can help convert video and music files to MP3? whatever purpose you need MP3 format for, the app named Video MP3 Converter can always help you achieve that!

Introduction about Video MP3 Converter

Video MP3 Converter is an app for converting video files and music files into MP3 formats which can be shared and used flexibly for many tasks, developed by FunDevs LLC.

But not only popular MP3 formats, this app can also convert audio data in all other different formats and can modify your videos by trimming, changing size, creating compact music files, or creating ringtones very simply and conveniently. Some convenient features and details about this app are as follows for you to learn.

Video MP3 Converter

— The reason why you need to convert audio files to MP3 format?

Since the MP3 came out in 1991, it has become one of the most popular audio formats today and played a role as an intermediary in saving audio data for users to view, listen or adjust audio.

And MP3 is only for audio, storing it as digital encoding to the maximum extent based on the rule of data compression. Therefore, the size of a MP3 file is always quite smaller than that of any other audio format, which is the reason why MP3 is still popular even so far and is the most used format in most audio tasks.

However, in today’s market, there are music, video and audio files of many different formats, with the MP3 format still the best if you want to listen, watch, fully edit or share them with others as this format can allow anyone to open, listen, operate, that is compatible with most apps as well as taking up less storage and with very stable sound quality.

In order to make your audio files available in MP3 format, there is an app called Video MP3 Converter that specializes in helping you convert them to MP3!

Video MP3 Converter

— The MP3 file conversion speed in Video MP3 Converter is fast

When you convert your files to MP3, you can monitor the whole conversion process visually on your mobile screen and everything happens very quickly. For example, it will only take 14.2 seconds to convert a song to MP3 standard with its length of 3:50 seconds, which is impossible for any other different conversion tools.

The more files you need to convert, the more time you can save during the converting process, and the more obvious and outstanding the high speed of Video MP3 Converter is shown to others. It also supports to convert up to 1000 songs at the same time without losing its converting speed.

— The formats that Video MP3 Converter is compatible with

Besides, this app can also help you convert any of the file formats to MP3 ones. Till now, there are many video file formats this app can handle well, including WEBM, WMV, MP4, 3GP, and FLV, and especially some audio files such as AAC, OGG and MP3.

During conversion, you can transfer all the files at the same time without limit. And all your files will be kept the original file name and arranged in the certain folder.

In addition, you are also allowed to customize and edit your newly created audio files through some basic tools in Video MP3 Converter, such as trimming, choosing the time to fade in and fade out to make your MP3 file much neater and more professional.

In conclusion, Video MP3 Converter is very convenient and efficient for you to convert any audio file and video file to MP3 format when in need. With its extremely fast transfer speed, basic editing tools and very intuitive interface and browsing, this app has become one of the handiest option for you today. Therefore, consider downloading Video MP3 Converter to your device and enjoy its useful features right here right now!

Video MP3 Converter


  • Name of App: Video MP3 Converter
  • Category: Music & Audio   
  • File size: 27MB
  • Last updated on:March 14, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v2.6.7 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: FunDevs LLC 
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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