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Come and enjoy the exciting zombie casual game full of Gothic horror with rogue-lite elements named Vampire Survivors!

Introduction about Vampire Survivors 

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is an action shooter game with the theme of zombies released and developed by Poncle. This game takes you into a world filled with massive waves of zombies on a arcade-style pixelated background, in which you will create a completely new experience you may have never had before. Here are some details about Vampire Survivors.

— a very strange zombie game

You may be so familiar with the 2D and 3D role-playing zombie fighting games that go around shooting zombies. But there are also fun cartoon-style zombie games with very little characters running across your screen and the goal of shooting at waves of powerful zombies. 

But if you want to find a real zombie game, which has the classic arcade graphics of the 80s or 90s, and the classic zombie shooting gameplay with the spaceship shooting style, Vampire Survivors is your best choice. This is a small mobile game but can give you all the waves between the brief but violent levels and zombie siege you‘ve never seen before. 

Vampire Survivors

— gameplay

Following the roguelike survival role-playing style, Vampire Survivors also has a limited time allowed in every level.

In such a ruined world with everything becoming a a real hell viewing from above. Swarms of blood-hungry zombies spread everywhere with almost nowhere left to escape, or evacuate. The people who are still alive can only force themselves into the warriors, picking up their guns and fighting madly with the oceans of dark zombies appearing everywhere and opening the way to find their own way of survival. 

Your ability of survival leads to how long the game lasts.but you can still come back to life even if you die as a miracle to go on completing your difficult task. Besides, you can get gold based on how long you keep alive when shooting zombies and use it to upgrade your weapons by intensifying their bullet , increasing firing speed and the number of rounds.

You task is not so difficult: to defeat a countless number of zombies in a wave of frenzy and to survive until dawn. Vampire Survivors combines so many elements of roguelike action as well as continuously give every player various choices of weapon upgrades. Your speed of killing zombies will change based on whether the choice is  clever, reasonable,or not, and the ability to survive until the next morning.

— unique weapons you have never seen before

There is no rule or limit for weapon forms in Vampire Survivors, which means that anything you see can be used in combat as a weapon. But it’s noticed that each weapon has both its own advantages and disadvantages, allowing you to make the proper choice in order to win your battle. This game offers various kinds of weapons including the garlic bulb, the bible to the magic wand, the crucifix, the most bizarre… Anything that is confusing, and unacceptable can appear as a weapon!

Vampire Survivors

— skills to upgrade to open new possibilities

You can also upgrade both weapons and skills after collecting a lot of gold. There are many skills with great advantages on a battlefield like flying, moving twice and hiding. Make full use of all the weapons and skills, and you can have more chances to survive.

In conclusion, you can see waves of zombies everywhere able to become a zombie whirlwind at any time in the game Vampire Survivors. It’s such a nice arcade shooter roguelike survival game that can bring you quite a lot of unpredictable zombie experiences. Download Vampire Survivors to enjoy the excitement of this game right now!


Name of Game: Vampire Survivors   

Category: Action   

File size: 211MB

Last updated on: Oct 27 2023

The Newest Version: v1.7.103 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)

Developer: Poncle

MOD Features: MOD APK(Unlimited Coins)

Requires Android: Android 7.0

Price: Free

Security: Safe

Available on: Google Play

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