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Come and enjoy the super shooter game named VALORANT Mobile to the expansion of eSport!

Introduction about VALORANT Mobile

VALORANT Mobile is a FPS super shooter game released and developed by Riot Games in 2022. This game brings eSport to mobile and it’s very worth a play as the next blockbuster choice for you if you love speed shooting competition! Here are some details about VALORANT Mobile.


— VALORANT Mobile version

Since available on PC and consoles, VALORANT Mobile, as one of the potential eSport shooters, has quickly created fever in the whole gaming community thanks to its cool animation of the characters, decisive victory and defeat, and the fiercely competitive FPS gameplay. Aiming to expand its player market and contribute to strengthen the trend of eSport games on mobile, its publisher Riot develops its mobile version named Valorant Mobile that is released on both iOS and Android.

— features of VALORANT Mobile

As an FPS first person shooter game, VALORANT Mobile has quite a few similar types  on the game market. However, the special feature of this game is in its unique and exciting Gameplay. In VALORANT Mobile, the 5v5 mode is most prominent. Accordingly, in this mode players will combine into a team of 5 members and compete with the team 5 of other players, which allows each player to fulfill his role to the fullest, whether in defense or attack. The 5v5 mode opens the door for many players to conduct all kinds of combat tactics with their force allocations as well as different types of formations.


— gameplay

This game passes on a strong step forward following the original version on previous major platforms. Its developer are mainly focusing on updating characters and a few new features and expanding maps constantly. All these allow every player to explore something new and challenge themselves freely, which is a paramount requirement for attracting long-term participation of the big gaming community.

Before each battle, players will be able to choose one character to control. All the characters are warrior heroes with cool design, bright colors, and an entire set of unique skills, and the ability to fight or defend is also very different. The gameplay is quite simple, which just focuses on the competitive shooting battle of the 5v5 team. Players can get a certain amount of money based on the achievements on each battlefield, and they can use it to unlock more character skills, opening up more powerful weapons to enhance their combat ability.

— armory

The game offers a whole arsenal of heavy weapons that are attractive enough for players with many years of experience to get immersed in, including rifles, UZI, P90, SVD, Pistols, and even explosive bombs, all with a large-scale destruction effect. When players are using those weapons, they can also upgrade them or customize some of their specifications such as sensitivity, barrel, number of bullets, and reload speed. Every weapon can bring a quite different shooting feeling and effect after being upgraded, and can significantly contribute to creating a new situation for your battle.

In conclusion, VALORANT Mobile is a right choice for every shooter game lovers with its beautiful graphics, high tempo, bold cartoon style, and engaging team gameplay. If you want to unleash your new eSport potential, download this game to create unforgettable experiences right here right now!



  • Name of Game: VALORANT Mobile
  • Category: Shooter
  • File size: 150MB
  • Last updated on: Dec 24 2023
  • The Newest Version: v1.0.3 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: Riot Games
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Full game)
  • Requires Android: Android
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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