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Come to enjoy the large Role-playing game named Valiant Force 2 with a much more intense combat context and huge scale!

Introduction about Valiant Force 2

Valiant Force 2 is a strategic action role-playing game published and developed by XII Braves PTE LTD, as a sequel to the previously successful game Valiant Force. There is a completely new war of betrayals, bottomless beliefs, and ambitions unfolding once again. And you will meet many beloved familiar characters to join them in a battle much more terrible than the first one. Here are some details about Valiant Force 2.

Valiant Force 2

— background

After the big events of the first Valiant Force, Valiant Force 2 takes place when you are returning to the kingdom of Arathos but witness a scene of confusion, chaos, and despair more times than before.

The Crystal of Arathos destiny was discovered and returned to the rightful place at the end of the first season, with the whole world restoring its balance in peace. However, the Arathos Crystal suddenly, along with its guardian, Leon Daracon, disappeared again very mysteriously.

Since then, many strange rumors have appeared, and the citizens of the kingdom divide into two factions, which one remaining faithful to the hero of Arathos and believing in his return with the precious Crystal, and the other believing the betrayal of Daracon. They all condemn the person they were hailed as a great hero just a decade ago, very vehemently and relentlessly.

You will play the role of a brave young knight named Elise Arkwright, who firmly believes in truth and acts of chivalry. You will fight for every noble task assigned to him by fighting with two interesting companions called Felix Vulcan and Maeve Astraea. On the way you all will face many dangers to gradually uncover the truth about the mysterious disappearance of both the crystal and the guardian, and bring peace and stability back again to the kingdom.

The main goal and core of you three guys is to find out the truth behind the big event and to confirm either trust or betrayal, in which way you have to face challenges till the end of this story.

Valiant Force 2

— more secrets to expand the plot

In Valiant Force 2, you can see the familiar combat mechanics but the totally different characters, plot and the tactics as well as lots of new and mystical elements, including the unknown secrets, the fate of the new heroes as well as the polarized beliefs of the entire kingdom there. You will step by step uncover the truth with a series of terrifying encounters with rebellious knights, demons, and frenzied beasts.

— classic combat system and new combat feature

Though maintaining the classic turn-based combat system, Valiant Force 2 also adds many new combat features, among which is a larger battlefield with the new Aura Trigger system based on Auron cards and Elemental Dynamics, as the key to turning the situation on a battlefield into your own advantage.

Valiant Force 2

— exciting air combat in PVP mode

Besides, Valiant Force 2 offers a brand new PVP game mode. You can immerse yourself in fierce air battles in the sky with the mission to destroy the enemy’s Zephyrite-powered spacecraft. It’s always a good spirit in an uncompromising dogfight to make quick reflexes and decisiveness.

Moreover, Valiant Force 2 also features its excellent music from Hitoshi Sakimoto, who creates the immortal soundtracks of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics. There are a variety of new details in the combat mechanics as well as the appearance of some new main characters with other supporting ones. In conclusion, Valiant Force 2 can surely bring an impressive and unforgettable journey for every player. Just download Valiant Force 2 to enjoy the excellent music, gameplay and graphics right here and right now!


  • Name of Game: Valiant Force 2   
  • Category: Role-playing   
  • File size: 1GB
  • Last updated on: July 6, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v1.11.3 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer:XII Braves PTE LTD
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(MENU, Immortal)
  • Requires Android: Android 6.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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