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Used Car Tycoon Game v23.5.1 MOD APK(Unlimited Money, VIP)

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Application introduction

You may not know that it can make you thousands of dollars to buy used cars, repair them and resell them on the market. Many people have succeeded in such a money making business. Do you want to experience it? There is a used car business simulation game named Used Car Tycoon Game that can achieve this and can bring you the excitement and potential from the work!

Introduction about Used Car Tycoon Game

Used Car Tycoon Game, released and developed by supermt, is a n idle management simulation game to repair old cars and sell them to people in need. You have to spare no effort to build your garage then turn it into a mighty business. Its gameplay is very addictive, gaining millions of downloads as amazing statistics since released in September 2021. Here are some details about Used Car Tycoon Game.

— gameplay

In this game, your main job is to old cars, repair and resell them as your business. Every car you buy at low prices are actually in very bad condition unable to use. But by restructuring such as renovating the interior, repairing parts or washing and painting the tires, all old cars can be turned into a nearly new one. In this way, you can sell them at a much higher price even than the original, which can bring you high revenue.

As you have the recipe to handle old cars, you can open the automated production line to order machines to do the work for you. You will change your character from a repairman or salesman to a manager. You can also cover the job with  ultra-wide camera angles or help line machines in trouble to gain more profits.

— various vehicles

In order to attract customers for the vehicle market, it’s especially important for you to deal a lot with a variety of product designs. And this game is no exception because it’s one of your missions in Used Car Tycoon Game to diversify the old cars for importing and then reselling them.

You can unlock new car companies to import many different types of vehicles to your garage by using money you earn. Every types of vehicles, including buses, sports cars, trucks and even super cars, can be bought and brought back. With the increasing kinds of attracting cars, more and more customers can be satisfied whatever their needs are, and can bring you more money.

— everything can be upgraded

In Used Car Tycoon Game, you can upgrade your cars, which is the most important thing to upgrade in this game. Your cars will put on a new interface and look much more more eye-catching through upgrading, which can surely bring huge profits.

In addition, the automatic production line also needs to be paid attention to. You need to restore and repair all machines regularly to keep them the best quality. Through it will cost a relatively large money, it can greatly help you reinvest and keep your money from condensing and more cars after upgrading can make you earn more back to you. In this way, moreover, many interesting features can be locked and you can level up a lot.

— attracting storyline

Used Car Tycoon Game is not just a click game like other normal idle games. It offers lots of small stories for you to perform, including repairing schools in the village or helping villagers build roads. There are many extremely humane and interesting stories waiting for you in Used Car Tycoon Game!

In conclusion, Used Car Tycoon Game can surely make your eyes unable to take off the screen when you are playing with its cheerful colors, extremely attractive gameplay, and minimalist graphics platform filled with energy. Are you ready to become an an old car dealer tycoon? If so, download Used Car Tycoon Game right now to check whether you are suitable for such job in the future!


  • Name of Game: Used Car Tycoon Game   
  • Category: Simulation   
  • File size: 122MB
  • Last updated on: Nov 2, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v23.5.1 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: supermt
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Unlimited Money, VIP)
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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