US Army Training Shooting Camp

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Application introduction

Do you wan to have an experience on a training camp as a soldier? US Army Training Shooting Camp, as a collection of all the skills required for US soldiers, can have you participate in such a strict shooting training camp with lots of rules as well as high demands, including endurance, strength, accuracy and dexterity in all situations.

Introduction about Used US Army Training Shooting Camp

US Army Training Shooting Camp is an action game released by Whiplash Mediaworks. For those who are curious about the war and the military, and the proper fighting discipline for soldiers in the US military, this game is offers a very good choice to have a vivid experience on all of them in a camp. Here are some details about US Army Training Shooting Camp.

US Army Training Shooting Camp

— background

In this game, you will play a role of an American soldier in training in order to become a real warrior, which requires you to pass a special training camp filled with countless rigorous training stages and the strict requirements of the military standards, including shooting, physical training and so on.

— shooting practice

Shooting is one of the key skills for a soldier to perfect your military abilities. You need to master it by practicing holding a gun, performing maneuvers on a variety of guns, and shooting bullets into the center of the target to get as high scores as possible. You also need to be exposed to various types of guns and can be trained in some special shooting skills such as snipers for adapting to specific battlefields later. In this way, you can gain impressive achievements in training and turn into an outstanding future soldier.

US Army Training Shooting Camp

— real army weapons

Moreover, you are allowed to approach a variety of military weapons and equipment, practicing, and directly using them from basic to heavy in US Army Training Shooting Camp. In addition to guns, there are also knives, shields and spears in close combat, and grenades, mines and bombs at long range. They can be equipped for military use in many ways, and even the vehicles are waiting for you to conquer.

It’s the goal of this game to train a talented commando to overcome all terrains, challenges and obstacles on the battlefield, no matter on land, at sea or in the air or no matter what vehicles he will use, including off-road vehicles, tanks, warships or military helicopters.

— train your fighting skills

In US Army Training Shooting Camp, you can get both mentally and physically training as the resilience of a soldier can be shown not only in his strength and ability for fighting, but also his survival skills on the battlefield. This game offers very comprehensive skill training such as typical martial arts, which can make you learn lots of interesting survival skills you can even apply in your real life.

different kinds of military training

All the training activities are shown in realistic 3D environment and you can go through many different types of training camps divided into different troops like the US Army and the Indian Rangers. You can extend your training journey and unlock many mini-training courses and larger training areas by completing as more missions as possible to become an outstanding soldier.

In conclusion, US Army Training Shooting Camp is such an impressive 3D game that can give you the opportunity to face various challenges to combat, shoot, train your health, and even work on the battlefield. Do you want to become a soldier to get trained well? If so, download US Army Training Shooting Camp to check your abilities of all aspects right here right now!

US Army Training Shooting Camp


  • Name of Game: US Army Training Shooting Camp   
  • Category: Action   
  • File size: 90MB
  • Last updated on: Sep 12, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v1.4.9 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: Whiplash Mediaworks
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(No Ads)
  • Requires Android: Android 5.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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