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Come to the game Unreal Life to go through levels of impressive adventure to search for your lost memories on pixel art!

Introduction about Unreal Life

Unreal Life is an indie and pixel art-style puzzle game released and developed by room6 and its publisher Yokaze, which has won the “Award of New Face” award in Japan. In Unreal Life, you will work with the main character in this game to experience various emotional stories and challenges in order to help the main character find the lost memories. Here are some details about Unreal Life.

Unreal Life

— story

In Unreal Life, you will surely get lost in such a magical pixel world. There you will travel with the small and lovely character as well as the magical ability to touch her memories.

The story in is game begins with a little girl who has lost her mind without remembering who she is, what is going on and why she is alone all the time. Her only memories left is just an unfamiliar name called Miss Sakura.

With the hope of reminding her lost memory, the little girl decides to find Miss Sakura. As she struggles with many difficulties, she reminds herself of her ability, which is to touch and read the memories from things around her. Every time she touches an object, she will see parts of the memories about the surroundings.

You will be led into the the emotional world by comparing, linking and piecing memory events together, and able to explore their past and experience different levels of introspection to get some clues to find the lost memories.

Unreal Life

— gameplay

Unreal Life offers a very simple gameplay, which just requires you to touch, see, and read memories. The name Miss Sakura seems to be the name of someone’s or the girl’s herself as the only thing she can remember. But with the special ability, she can read the memory from an object’s point of view by just touching it.

Your final goal in this game is to help her to regain the lost memories and understand who she is, where she comes from, and what’s going on. Therefore, your job is to touch the objects on the road, seeing, reading, and memorizing, then comparing memories of both the past and present, seeing through the differences in perspectives, solving a series of mysteries, and finally, finding out your true identity and circumstances.

Along the way, you will also enrich your own memories, and have the chance to compare things more objectively and gradually get back a complete memory of every true incident in the past.

Unreal Life offers 4 endings based on what you see and what decisions you make. You can either go deeper into the subconscious to better understand yourself, or choose to lose yourself, all up to your view and decision.

— artistic pixel graphics

The whole game of Unreal Life is designed in 2D pixel graphics, so beautiful that can change your view of the retro visual style.

The sadness and disorientation of the little girl is vividly shown with dreamy, smooth, romantic, and somewhat lonely color and melodious melody of the discrete piano sound.

In conclusion, Unreal Life can make you so immersed in beautiful pixelated space that you may forget about the real world for a moment there. Instead of playing it on PC, this time you can enjoy such popular puzzle game on mobile. Are you ready to make your soul drift with the flow of unclear emotion, or feel the beauty of pixel games? If so, download Unreal Life to to open your adventure right here right now!

Unreal Life


  • Name of Game: Unreal Life   
  • Category: Adventure   
  • File size: 305MB
  • Last updated on: Oct 12, 2023
  • The Newest Version: v3.0.9 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • Developer: room6 
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Patched)
  • Requires Android: Android 4.4
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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