Unknown Knights

Unknown Knights V2.860 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Unknown Knights
Publisher teamarex
Genre Casual
Size 153 MB
Version V2.860
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 21, 2023
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Application introduction

Unknown Knights is a casual game published by teamarex. The whole game of Unknown Knights seems to be shrouded in darkness. There is still a silent, almost frantic fight going on in a twilight that is swallowed by unending darkness. For many years, the Dark Lord and the Knight engaged in an unending battle. Throughout your quest to demolish the Dark Lord’s Tower, you will encounter numerous new difficulties. The Knights of the Unknown, your devoted knights and warriors, will battle beside you at every turn.

Introduction about Unknown Knights


The real-time strategy indie game Unknown Knights is full of action. An army of valiant knights and a terrifying Dark Lord engage in a protracted war in the game’s captivating premise. With you will fight an army of knights composed of many devoted soldiers and unidentified knights. In bizarre and uncommon photos, Unknown Knights depict the darkest battleground scenarios. The entire region is shrouded in perpetual darkness. The gleam of hope appears only where the Knights appear. The symbolic backdrop of Unknown Knights, which is based on the art of light and shadow, rapidly drew in seasoned tactical players.

Unknown Knights


Unknown Knights possesses an unusual charm, ranging from its gameplay to its setting, graphics, and depth of narrative. Thus, it was chosen to take part in the “2019 Samsung Developers Conference Independent Games Show Event” and was listed among the “Top 10 Games of 2019 Google Independent Games Festival (Korea)”. This game is worth a try if you’re looking to play a unique real-time strategy game.

Outstanding Features

The choice affects the outcome

The journey to discover the world is full of random events. Many gifted individuals who share your aim to liberate the kingdom from the Dark Lord’s curse and national dictatorship are eager to follow you as a bright master. This means that during the game, hundreds of random interactions occur. Your choices can lead to different outcomes or effects. These cause-and-effect connections may be hidden from view at this time, but they will eventually become visible again in the game.

Unknown Knights

An unpredictable enemy

Many bosses and relics are concealed in this darkly lit realm, just waiting for you to find them. This country is full of challenges for you to face, including faction leaders, dark wizards, and dungeon creatures. Every enemy has a distinct strategy for both attack and defense. You need to be the greatest army and knight there is, and you need to keep a close eye on the opposition to rapidly identify their weak points. Remember to collect relics on the way to battle. They will bestow onto the Knights numerous legendary abilities.

Dynamic weather

The Unknown Knights also included a dynamic weather component, which adjusts to intricate variations in the outside weather, to emphasize the real-time and offer players a choice of extremely strategic battle options. To avoid losing additional knights, you must modify your offensive plan according to the weather.


A straightforward attack deterrent is employed by Unknown Knights instead of the typical cartoon approach. You get access to a special collection of unit engagements in this game. During the game, you will encounter many challenges, and to collectively defeat the Dark Lord, you must organize training sessions, gather the most powerful knights, and draft the relevant laws.

With simple virtual four-button controls in the corner of the screen, you can control many units in real-time during each fight. The battle’s success depends on the golden hour. If you can finish several beneficial tasks for the troops during this golden period, you will win the war swiftly. The player can anticipate the enemy’s movement, anticipate how they will respond to your attack, and anticipate their attack and defense strategies. You can then use this information to create a comprehensive plan and get things done quickly in the initial prime time.

Unknown Knights

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From the visuals to the gameplay, Unknown Knight is an extremely peculiar real-time strategy game. Players can have an unmatched mobile gaming experience with varying game challenges and unpredictable adversaries.

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