Universal Truck Simulator

Universal Truck Simulator V1.11.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Universal Truck Simulator
Publisher Interactive 360
Genre Simulation
Size 585 MB
Version V1.11.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 22, 2023
Download (585 MB)

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Application introduction

Universal Truck Simulator is a truck simulation game published by Interactive 360. You’ll experience trucking in this immersive game with detailed custom controls, expansive maps, and realistic simulations. Enter the Universal Truck Simulator and you will first be drawn to its stunning graphics. Unlike other truck simulator games, you’ve never seen a simulation that looks so gorgeous and natural.

Introduction about Universal Truck Simulator

Fantastic game Universal truck simulator, designed for mobile devices. It innovates on the original truck simulator game and starts a compelling next-generation simulation journey. The game’s popularity is a result of consistent player participation, insightful criticism, and an enthusiastic gaming community that constantly refines recommendations. Download Universal Truck Simulator and you’ll get a new generation of simulation experience on your mobile device!

Universal Truck Simulator

Outstanding Features

The comprehensive detailed game map

The Universal Truck Simulator will provide players with a contemporary driving simulation experience. Even though you’ve played a number of truck-driving games in the past, Universal Truck Simulator will provide you with an unexpectedly unique gaming experience. In an environment with many natural elements, players can unwind. With a geography based on the German Weser River region, the game provides a thorough, detailed map. You can explore much breathtaking scenery in the game, such as the Bavarian mountains of Rosenheim, Ebersberg, and Fredrys and other famous locations. Like the real scene, every area is three-dimensional.

The extended path is also intriguing in Universal Truck Simulator. The ever-changing landscape features include rivers, mountains, forests, enormous flowers, gas stations, big buildings, wavy curves, and so on. Taking in the magnificent views while driving won’t get you bored.

Wide range of truck types

The game’s significant classification of American and European trucks makes it stand out among truck simulation games. Every model closely resembles the real car in terms of appearance and shape. The engine, trailer, luggage, and other essential components are all included in the vehicle. To enhance the variety of the driving experience, Universal Truck Simulator aims to meticulously consider every element. When driving, every little thing has an impact on how in control you feel of the car.

Universal Truck Simulator

Personalized truck

You can customize your truck by collecting extra cash after you’ve finished the objective. Everything can be customized to your personal taste, including the color of the dashboard and steering wheel lights, the body color, and interior changes like number plates, lights, and brakes. You’ll have enough cash to build your garage or buy new equipment, as long as you complete all your shipping tasks on time. In the game, you will have a large garage so that you have enough space for your various trucks.

Real truck details

Apart from providing a precise simulation of driving and steering, the Universal Truck Simulator continuously shows authentic engine noises associated with the vehicle’s operation. To further enhance the simulator’s realism, the game also includes a realistic damage mechanism that shows how the truck body deforms in a collision. The impact will distort the truck’s position, which will have an impact on the vehicle’s movement and steering. The game also has a lot of details similar to real life, if you want to learn more about trucks, you should play this game.


In the Universal Truck Simulator, there are two driving modes. In basic mode, all you have to do is take your time getting to know the cockpit and drive safely by following the law. But in hard mode, if you’re not comfortable with the controls, you could wreck the car frequently.

Universal Truck Simulator

Download Universal Truck Simulator Right Now!

With its distinct visual accuracy and abundance of vehicle features, the Universal Truck Simulator is a worthwhile exploration. On the other hand, never forget to buckle up and drive carefully.

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