Unhappy Raccoon

Unhappy Raccoon V1.22.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Unhappy Raccoon
Publisher X.D. Network
Genre Role-playing
Size 414 MB
Version V1.22.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 25, 2023
Download (414 MB)

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Application introduction

Unhappy Raccoon is a role-playing game published by X.D. Network. You may have played some other typical roguelike games like Dungeon Slasher or Hero Survival, but this Unhappy Raccoon will bring you something unique. With the help of the Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK, Players will turn into a destructive raccoon and develop their own raccoon superhero. Your only task in the game is to try to prove your fighting ability and fight the enemy at all costs.

Introduction about Unhappy Raccoon

Players will be transported to a futuristic and magical world where a huge army of raccoons has emerged. It is your duty as a powerful raccoon warrior to vanquish all adversaries and explore the enigmatic worlds around the cosmos. Apart from possessing distinct combat techniques and powers, raccoons also face numerous evil bosses with immense destructive potential. At any time now, you could be overcome if you don’t increase your skills. If you’ve never played the game before, you’ll be astonished by its stunning 3D quality and third-person viewpoint. Are you prepared to battle the strongest and most intimidating raccoon in the game? Play a funny raccoon fight on your phone by downloading Unhappy Raccoon!

Unhappy Raccoon


The Raccoon God was the inspiration for The Unhappy Raccoon. He rules over all life in the universe and is the most powerful man on the planet. The Raccoon God is organizing a fierce competition throughout the universe to find a successor. To win this intense competition, all of the strongest heroes in the universe gather in the domain of the Raccoon God. If you want to become a champion, you must constantly improve your raccoon hero’s fighting abilities, conquer all opponents, and get the Heart of the Universe.

Outstanding Features

Unique character choices

The player must select one of the four possible characters before the game begins. Every character has a unique appearance and combat style. They have an extremely distinctive appearance that combines human and animal characteristics. You now need to carefully go over each character’s background information and select a genuine ally for the intense struggle. Because every character has a unique set of combat talents, skills should also be taken into account while making a decision.

Unhappy Raccoon

Powerful enemy

You must conquer many obstacles and get stronger if you want to leave this bizarre realm. You will encounter many smaller, wily raccoons. As you progress, the raccoons will become more diverse and the battle strategy will become more unpredictable. You’ll need to use a range of abilities and call upon raccoon Allies to defeat them. You will encounter the powerful raccoon boss at the end of the level. You can go back to your realm if you are successful in defeating the universe’s creator.

Perfect 2D picture and sound quality

Unhappy Raccoon portrays people and displays tremendously spectacular battles using vibrant cartoon images and realistic 2D techniques. The visuals and sound design of Unhappy Raccoon are flawless. Especially raccoons have beautiful, silky, velvety fur that makes them look extra light. These furry raccoons have the ability to unleash powerful fire spells against enemies. Imagine how funny this scene would be.


Like most roguelikes, Unhappy Raccoon is simple to learn. Each stage has a set of opponents that the player must defeat. What makes this battle unique is that you will be fighting alone, so you need to be as cautious as possible. Furthermore, the appearance of lethal traps can also significantly affect your character, so you must figure out how to avoid them. You can utilize the traps to eliminate the enemy around because occasionally they can also harm nearby adversaries. The player will receive some reward or new equipment after completing each mission.

Unhappy Raccoon

Download Unhappy Raccoon Right Now!

Unhappy Raccoon has a lot of unique and intriguing features. Unhappy Raccoon will provide you with an amazing experience if you appreciate fighting in the raccoon world.

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