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Underworld Office!

Underworld Office! V1.4.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets)

Name Underworld Office!
Publisher Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Genre Visual Novel
Size 146 MB
Version V1.4.2
MOD Info Unlimited Tickets
Updated December 25, 2023
Download (146 MB)

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Application introduction

Underworld Office is a visual novel game released by Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games). The protagonist of this intriguing adventure novel is a little boy on Earth. Through ghost stories, players can see the afterlife. Enjoy a mysterious journey with Eugene and numerous other unique characters by downloading it now.

Introduction about Underworld Office!

Recently, mobile games mixed with compelling storylines have become more and more popular among young people. Reading text in a book or on a mobile phone is boring, but mobile games give players the opportunity to engage with the story and have a more genuine experience. Nowadays, the majority of games have a story plot that is either a series of events about the character or a long story that runs through the entire game experience. You’re going to go on a dark and challenging trip. In order to save themselves and their companions, the story’s characters fight evil. The game will present you with a lot of new challenges and surprising situations.

Underworld Office!

Outstanding Features

Great storyline

Eugene, the main character in Underworld Office, and the ghosts that surround him are the center of the narrative. Eugene enters the mysterious world by accident and has to figure out how to leave it in order to return to the real world. Every decision a player makes throughout the game has a unique result. Bad or excellent outcomes are possible. You have the option to return and alter your mind at any time if you’re dissatisfied with the ending. However, because takes a lot of time, so don’t do this too frequently. Remember that you should consider your options carefully before making a decision, and no matter how things turn out, you should not deviate from your original choice.

Unique visual aesthetics

The Underworld Office has a distinct visual splendor in addition to an intriguing and strange plot. Underworld Office tells the story through more than 40 animations and 150 graphics. With cloudy skies and gloomy evenings as the background, each character is rendered in a cartoonish style. The fiery red tones and gloomy background quickly transport players to the ghost world which is enough to drive every player who loves this game into a frenzy. All in all, the game runs smoothly on mobile devices and has a decent visual aesthetic. Because of the game’s unique visual aesthetic and the combination of realistic graphics and abstract paintings, the game was loved by all players immediately after its release.

Underworld Office

Rich role system

Players can get to know and interact with a variety of other characters in the game in addition to Eugene. Even though the other characters are ghosts, they all have interesting souls. Not all ghosts are as horrible as you may imagine. In fact, many of them can be good friends with you and will help you a lot during your trip, so you should get along well with them.

Seven very different endings

The game has seven different ways to end. Make your own decisions, lead the character to experience more feelings, and take your time for a satisfying conclusion. If you want to obtain a different ending, each puzzle can be solved in a different way when you replay Underworld Office.


Because Underworld Office does not emphasize controls, the on-screen interface only has a few function buttons included. There are two prominent function buttons, which include pictures and messages, directly beneath the screen. Players can communicate with other characters in Underground Office directly by touching the “Messages” icon. Furthermore, the player can view past images of the character’s travels by selecting the “Pictures” icon.

Underworld Office

Download Underworld Office Right Now!

Underground Office is a great option for those who enjoy reading anime novels. What it does is not only breathe life into the story but make every player really feel like a protagonist. The player controls every character’s decision, including their feelings and actions. You should continue exploring and go through the remaining portions of the ending leisurely!

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