Undead City: Survivor Premium

Undead City: Survivor Premium V4.1.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Undead City: Survivor Premium
Publisher Unimob Global
Genre Role-playing
Size 271 MB
Version V4.1.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 25, 2023
Download (271 MB)

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Application introduction

Undead City: Survivor Premium is an action game published by Unimob Global. Zombies are attacking your city, and you’re their target! As a valiant hero with a variety of special abilities, it is your goal to vanquish all adversaries and take back the city and its people! As a warrior with unlimited potential, you must arm yourself with other survivors or use your talents to fight a horde of zombies!

Introduction about Undead City: Survivor Premium

The fact that Undead City: Survivor Premium has led the idle game rankings on multiple platforms in recent months is the best indication of the popularity of the idle action game series. You will be surrounded by thousands of monster adversaries and swarms of zombies in Undead City: Survivor Premium. In the top-down action role-playing game Undead City: Survivor Premium, superheroes will engage in a fierce battle with zombies. With never-ending battles and waves of monsters, Undead City: Survivor Premium is one of the best games to help you appreciate the charm of idle games.

Undead City

Outstanding Features

Strong balance

The game is designed with a vertical, top-down screen arrangement. From the first level, you’ll see terrifying monsters everywhere, and you’ll be among them. The early scenes of the game suggest that the games will get harder in the future. Thankfully, the warrior in the game has virtually endless potential. Weapons, like talents and abilities, can be continuously improved.

Take advantage of resource upgrades and beginner tutorials

Early in the game, players are required to attend a tutorial, and all you have to do is follow the instructions to complete the game. As you defeat opponents during the fighting phase, you can also obtain the resources that you need. Players can get resources like diamonds if they finish a level, and they can use these to buy gear. Levels and ranks can be improved by combining the unique powers of each piece of equipment. Moreover, with resources, operational functions can also be enhanced and changed.

Undead City

Plenty of enemies

Undead City: Survivor Premium puts players on an increasingly difficult battlefield, in stark contrast to other boring fighting games. The game contains a large number of enemies even in level 1. Moreover, it keeps growing exponentially. To combat them, the player must take three steps at the same time. The first is to collect resources to strengthen the character. The second is to continuously improve combat capabilities, and the last is to continue to improve defense systems and weapons.

Different levels of difficulty

Undead City: Survivor Premium has an infinite number of levels, ranging from simple to difficult. Every level consists of five fights. Every level consists of five fights. Each level features an exceptionally wealthy mini-boss, main boss, or adversaries. It could be an insane zombie, a pack of demon spiders, or deadly dogs, depending on the circumstances. Each level offers a different path forward, and you need to develop the right strategy, using different skills and weapons against each type of enemy.


The protagonist in Undead City: Survivor Premium is a brave warrior who has special abilities not available to mere mortals. You see a series of cities under siege from ferocious zombies and other monsters. If you want to save the inhabitants of the city, you must destroy all the enemies, clear the area, and bring it back to life. Players will start with a regular fighter, and according to the rules of the game, you can unlock new fighters after completing a certain number of levels. Everybody has unique skills, fighting techniques, and movements. To make it possible for each character to develop, players must also come up with creative tactics.

Undead City

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