Unbroken Soul

Unbroken Soul V1.3.1 MOD APK (Full Game)

Name Unbroken Soul
Genre Platformer
Size 25 MB
Version V1.3.1
MOD Info Full Game
Updated December 29, 2023
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Application introduction

Unbroken Soul is a platform game published by CHORRUS GAMES that not only takes the classic 2D pixel art style, but adds many new control-compatible features to make it feel both familiar and modern. The fight to defend humanity is the main objective of this action platformer with a throwback feel! Experience an amazing journey full of obstacles and fights as Tyrion in the Unbroken Soul MOD APK!

Introduction about Unbroken Soul

The action platformer game Unbroken Soul is in the vein of vintage platformers from the 1980s and 1990s, and it will have you sprinting, jumping, and slicing your way across the enormous region of Alaron. You will be amazed by the splendor of the game world as you enter this exciting new world. In order to save humanity from certain death, it is Tyrion, the valiant King of Alaron, who must stop the evil necromancer Elaniof from his schemes. Are you ready for an amazing journey? On this journey, you’ll encounter powerful opponents, fun interactions, and plenty of opportunities to strengthen your character and discover new skills!

Unbroken Soul

Outstanding Features

Countless giant bosses

There will ultimately be a gigantic Boss in each location. All of them are from the dark world, and the ghost summoner can use them as useful pawns. They are prepared to confront you with a plethora of bizarre weapons and abilities bestowed upon them by their masters. You will be able to observe that each BOSS will go through a complex series of changes. Taking them down will not be easy. You must thus decide on a fresh attack and defense plan for every boss. To learn about their shortcomings before you run across them, take some time to study them. Unbroken Soul may seem simple, but it requires some skill.

Constantly upgrade the role level

As the ruler of the kingdom, you must strive to escalate and be prepared for any conflict. At first, your only weapon was a flimsy sword. However, you will soon be able to employ a wider variety of weapons and talents, as well as active skills with surprising power, such equipping a bow and arrow, by fighting, earning experience, and finding additional bonus items. Additionally, there are momentary skills like slowing down opponents, stunning them for a set period of time, jumping farther, and moving more quickly.

Unbroken Soul

Customized control methods

Every player’s distinct playstyle is acknowledged and respected by Unbroken Soul. If you prefer to use a modern joystick or the more traditional D-pad to control the action, this game is for you. With the ability to personalize the controls, the game will seem as though it was made just for you. By resizing, moving and controlling them, you can easily explore the game world.


As King Tyrion, the player must constantly carry out a variety of single or multiple actions in order to cross a treacherous landscape with purpose. You can double leap, twist, kick, hit, and jump barriers to cross perilous roadways. You have two choices: either perform the above moves individually, or press a key combination to perform a more powerful and destructive move. Explore the nine dark sections of Unbroken Soul. Numerous distinct little gaming screens are present in every location. There are innumerable opponents, lethal obstacles, and traps in every level’s design. On your journey, you’ll travel through a series of carefully designed landscapes, ranging from the fortress of Crisul, with its fierce battles, to the vast, sandy Insolo Desert.

Unbroken Soul

Download Unbroken Soul Right Now!

Enter Unbroken Soul to explore the world of Alaron, which is filled with mystery and danger, divided into nine unique areas for you to explore. Playing games can help you improve your reflexes while also providing an enjoyable gaming experience!

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