Ultimate Robot Fighting

Ultimate Robot Fighting V1.5.102 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Name Ultimate Robot Fighting
Publisher Reliance Games
Genre Fighting
Size 271 MB
Version V1.5.102
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Money
Updated December 29, 2023
Download (271 MB)

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Application introduction

Ultimate Robot Fighting is a heavy-duty robot-on-robot fighting game published by Reliance Games. To become the world’s greatest mech, the steel killing machine will unleash its strength when players enter a stormy battlefield. Fighting games have long been popular due to their intense battles and the variety of skills that combatants with different shapes and abilities may demonstrate.

Introduction about Ultimate Robot Fighting

With its unique role-playing component and action-adventure gameplay, Ultimate Robot Fighting offers gamers a fantastic gaming experience unlike anything they’ve ever had. The game’s intriguing plot revolves around humans and robots competing against one another. You will change into cool robots to battle the enemy army, equipped with cutting-edge weaponry and special abilities. To have special powers for the robot and make the most of it to earn amazing possibilities and prizes, you must gather your deck of cards before you enter the arena.

Ultimate Robot Fighting

Outstanding Features

Rich gaming experience

You will find expansive battlefields with a variety of fresh and unique approaches when you participate in Ultimate Robot Fighting. In the arenas, you will face adversaries from antiquity to the present, resulting in thrilling encounters and unique feelings. You can upgrade the robots or put different pieces together to unleash their potential to make them stronger. Alternately, to maximize your chances of victory, rearrange the fighting formation. Furthermore, you can enhance the destructive power of the characters by using cards and overclock.

Up to 45 unique robots

There are up to 45 different robots in Ultimate Robot Fighting. All robots draw inspiration from mythological creatures such as fire-breathing dragons, samurai, ninjas, and medieval gladiators. Every robot has distinct qualities, exceptional talents, and unheard-of form aspects. You can modify and customize hundreds of robots based on pre-existing models when playing Ultimate Robot Fighting. Accumulate new components, put them together with pre-existing robots, modify their look, boost their strength, and add new abilities. Every alteration and every new robot addition creates a unique and novel experience. It is your goal to win games and fight your way out of situations to accumulate points that will allow you to unlock more gorgeous robots.

Ultimate Robot Fighting

3D graphics

Players may now experience breathtaking and incredibly iconic fighting scenes thanks to 3D graphics, which recreate extremely violent fights. Players will find attractions and surprises in the randomly selected venue. Players’ enthusiasm is heightened by the crisp and distinctive design of the arena’s fighting effects.


In the 3v3 arena of Ultimate Robot Fighting, you will engage in combat with strong robot characters. To create an army of clever robots, you must gather cards. Select the three most well-known robot warrior figures and place them on the front lines of battle. Launch a robot warrior into combat by drawing one against the robot warrior of the opposition. A winner is determined by combining the results of three head-to-head games. Although Ultimate Robot Fighting is a fast-paced, aggressive game, the controls are not too complicated.

You only need to tap and slide the screen. Once you’ve identified the enemy’s weak point, combine controls at the right moment to unleash the robot’s standard attack or combo. Keep in mind that you can only use the ultimate attack when your Mana bar is filled.

Ultimate Robot Fighting

Download Ultimate Robot Fighting Right Now!

Download the game right away, then take control of your robot to battle against other AI robots! You will employ the skills and weaponry at your disposal in 3v3 challenges. You gain points with every victory, which you can use to purchase additional robots or weapons. Download the game right now to engage in an epic 3v3 robot army combat!

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