Ultimate Guitar Tuner

Ultimate Guitar Tuner V2.15.4 MOD APK (Pro / Paid Features Unlocked)

Name Ultimate Guitar Tuner
Publisher Tabs4Acoustic - Ultimate Guitar Tools
Genre Tools
Size 27M
Version V2.15.4
MOD Info Pro / Paid Features Unlocked
Updated January 17, 2024
Download (27M)

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Application introduction

Ultimate Guitar Tuner is an application published by Tabs4Acoustic – Ultimate Guitar Tools. With the corresponding meter, you can detect the wires with the incorrect frequency and obtain accurate results in a matter of seconds. In addition, you will find that the app has a list of instruments that support tuning, providing many other tuning options to choose from. If you are a musical instrument lover, then you should definitely try this app.

Introduction about Ultimate Guitar Tuner

The Ultimate Guitar Tuner is a chromatic tuner that can be used for any purpose and is accurate, sensitive, and user-friendly. A guitar, bass, ukulele, or mandolin can be quickly tuned from your phone. With the help of Ultimate Guitar Tuner, users may accurately and effortlessly tune their instruments. Results are available in a matter of seconds. Ultimate Guitar Tuner requires analysis of the microphone signal from your smartphone. Without a wire, it can be used with any kind of string instrument you choose, including acoustic and electric guitars. The user interface adjusts to every modification you make, displaying in real-time whether you are too sharp or too flat. For both new and experienced guitarists, this app is ideal.

Ultimate Guitar Tuner


Adjust the guitar strings correctly

Users may quickly and simply tune their guitars with Ultimate Guitar Tuner. It enables you to experience the full impact of the guitar and guides you in gradually adjusting to achieve the precise sounds for every string. Additionally, before using, you should refer to the right usage approach to avoid challenging issues throughout the adjustment procedure.

Simple adjustment method

A meter with a green bar in the middle of the value can be found in Ultimate Guitar Tuner. The watch’s hand will indicate the green region if you are using the correct string sound and frequency. On the other hand, if the pointer is pointing to both sides at the same time, you should notice if the application is correctly recognizing the type of string and you need to make adjustments in time. The guitar tone can be altered gradually, but you will notice a difference in tone once the strings are set right.

Ultimate Guitar Tuner

Suitable for different instruments

Users will find Ultimate Guitar Tuner to be intriguing because it supports a wide variety of stringed instruments, including the mandolin, bass, violin, and guitar. The range of instruments that the software supports also allows you to find a variety of unique tunings. Because it supports a wide variety of instruments your instrument can be adjusted at any time. For the strings you will be tuning, it will also offer some pertinent sound samples. You are able to actively change the instrument’s tone and progressively become accustomed to it in this way.

Many different tuning methods

You have other options for self-tuning in addition to utilizing Ultimate Guitar Tuner for standard instrument tuning. For your reference, the application will offer several distinct tuning techniques; naturally, they are grouped in accordance with the unique circumstances of each instrument. You can bookmark a different tuning technique so you can quickly locate it if you decide it’s the best fit for you. Naturally, you may modify the app’s default frequency, which is between 420 and 460 Hz, when you first launch it. You will therefore eventually be able to determine the ideal tuning frequency for yourself.

Ultimate Guitar Tuner

Download the Ultimate Guitar Tuner APP Now!

If you love music or are learning an instrument and are looking for a convenient Tuner, Ultimate Guitar Tuner is the perfect choice for you. The app has a quick response meter that can be quickly adjusted to the correct frequency. Not only can you take full advantage of the tutorial elements to become familiar with and start using the app productively, but you can also use the sampling feature to listen to the sounds of the strings that will be tuned.

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