Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala: Idle Adventure V1.178 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Name Ulala: Idle Adventure
Publisher X.D. Global
Genre Role-playing
Size 1 GB
Version V1.178
MOD Info Unlocked
Updated January 03, 2024
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Application introduction

Ulala: Idle Adventure is a pre-historic massively multiplayer online role-playing game published by X.D. Global. In the game, players will hunt, catch animals, and travel over a huge continent. You’ve never played an online multiplayer role-playing game quite like this one. This is a game that you may play while eating, sleeping, or riding the train. It offers the adventure and thrills of the Stone Age in a lighthearted and sociable manner! Can you imagine such carefreeness during the Stone Age? A flock of little monsters and a jovial bunch of Ulala resided at the base of the volcano, on the edge of the desert.

Introduction about Ulala: Idle Adventure

Have you ever wished you could have experienced life in the Paleolithic era? Ulala: Idle Adventure will take you on a multiplayer role-playing survival hunt into prehistoric times. When humanity faced the future, could you survive if you were taken back in time to an uncontaminated human past? You can test your survival skills by playing Ulala: Idle Adventure. Ulala: Idle Adventure is a recently highly popular role-playing game that has amassed a sizable global fan base among RPG enthusiasts.



An MMORPG called Ulala: Idle Adventure takes place in ancient times when Earth was still pristine. The vast, empty continents were home to an infinite number of bizarre, enormous animals. Numerous commonplace features from this era will be present, like the land of ice, volcanoes, and dinosaurs. This game is an intriguing topic as it allows players to explore, interact, and battle for survival and adventure in a large environment.

Outstanding features

Powerful upgrade system

As you hunt more, you’ll get experience and points that may be used to unlock more of the greatest weapons and greatly improve your outfit. You will gradually transform from a primitive warrior through several levels of excellent wildlife hunting to a powerful warrior. A wild animal that you have tamed and educated to become a hunting companion is the player’s accompanying pet, up to a certain point in the game. You also have the option of upgrading the characters and pets themselves after an epic hunt.


Interesting modes

Ulala: Idle Adventure features a rather basic automatic monster-hunting mode that primarily automates killing bosses, hunting animals, and fighting monsters. The most difficult task for players is figuring out how to set up the party correctly, select the upgrading option, and promptly buff the character to increase their advantages when hunting. The game also offers a ton of engaging game modes. After you get to a particular level, you can participate in the arena’s PVP mode to battle other players, hunt dangerous bosses, or join a group of warriors who are hunting.

Stunning Screen

Ulala: Idle Adventure has a distinct visual style in contrast to conventional RPGS. Numerous RPG enthusiasts find it appealing because of its excellent characters, maps, and visuals. Ulala: Idle Adventure has more characters and a more modern virtual engine than other retro RPGs. The game’s graphical experience has been significantly enhanced by more sophisticated technologies. It enhances the user’s sensory experience while keeping the original role-playing game style.


In the game, you take on the role of a contemporary warrior who has been transported back in time to the prehistoric era. Your mission is to hunt a variety of rare and valuable animals across a vast area while navigating numerous challenging natural terrains. You will encounter many fierce animals such as wild wolves, wild boars, mammoths, and even prehistoric giants such as dinosaurs. Therefore, to get past challenging levels, you must work with other players. Based on your prior achievements, you will be awarded numerous valuable things upon finishing a level. For instance, get more gold, improve the energy index, experience points, and food. As the plot develops, you can acquire more new abilities and grow stronger.


Download Ulala: Idle Adventure Right Now!

Ulala: Idle Adventure is an easy-to-play online game set in a prehistoric world. With the aid of innumerable weapons and equipment, the character will also get increasingly strong, so download it and try it out!

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