Top Ten Best Photograph Editor Apps for Android in 2018!

You want to take your photo really great looking. But lack of quality of camera or a little bit lighting really bad for you taking photo in your smartphone.


But I fix it using some awesome. That’s really works great.

I want to share with my “apps” expertise with you.


I listed top 10 best photo editor apps.In this post I can share with you some hidden tips & tricks about those apps and also my user experience. So let’s go..



VIMAGE is a cinema-graph creating app. Vimage get best photo editing apps reward by “Google Play Store”.

It’s really change your experience about “photo editor”. Because it have so many amazing features. That’s really great for edit photo. Feature like “living effects” make best experience.


Your photo is now look like a dynamic and so on. This apps is “paid”. But you can use it with “watermark”. If you don’t want “watermark” in your photo,you must purchase it.



Aviary is one of the popular photo editing apps for a long time. This photo editor is very easy to use.


You can find a good set of features and reliability from this apps.I think that it walks you through all the steps and is laid out in a very easy design.

Just like adjust the color, brightness, temperature, contrast, saturation, and more.It also have ,filters,stickers and some cosmetic tools like red eye fixing,teeth whitener and blemish remover.




If you take a lot of selfies I think you must try AirBrush. Because it is a great photo editing app for selfie. It’s have so many great features like Face Tune,Skinnee Pix,Golden Beauty Meter,Beauty Plus ,Cream Cam,Photo wonder,Beauty Booth,Face Lab and so on.


I really thanks to the app developers cashing on our visceral ought to remodel ourselves into excellent samples of perfect beauty.


I think this apps not as good as its high Google Play rating would indicate but it’s still above average.

It is one of the easier photo editing apps. If you want best experience,you can try pro version which is paid.



4.Bonfire Photo Editor Pro


If you want stunning effects,Bonfire Photo Editor is providing you this effects. It really helps you to improve your images in a real-time way.

Features like Smart skin-whitening technology,HDR filter,Funk filters,”Fancy” and so on are really great.


It can change your editing experience and I’m sure it’s take you next level. This apps work slowly but not bad.


I think it need some improve. But so many user like me have a major problem which is in this we see so many adds that’s really interrupted for editing photos.



5.Fotor Editing Apps


In the lists of apps Fotor is a long time member. And so many blogs listed this apps for must use.


Over 6 million people download this from “Google Play Store”.It is an excellent app which even has a histograph for color correction.

Being able to select fonts for adding Associate in Nursing in-frame caption may be a huge and.


I think that It’s a really great app and I enjoy using it for editing my pictures.


And I also like the wide range of effects. The app urgently wants smudge, clone stamp, rule fixes (like those who take away glare, reflection.). I recommended you must try this apps for editing your photos.




6.LightX Photo Editor


LightX is one of the top rated apps for editing photo.Because it is all in one free picture editor to make photo collages, add photo frames to your pictures, add stickers.


This is going to blow your mind.Over 10 million people installed this apps for editing photos.


This apps have ability to high resolution support: create, save & share images up to 5 megapixel.


Now you can use gallery image as backdrops and Redo functionality in all tools.However, I think it should eventually be among the top five or so photo editors out there.




CyberLink offers PhotoDirector for editing your photos,resize images,add some fx in your picture.This apps combines a great feature with rich pic editor which make ton of life camera effects that effects to enhance your image as you shoot.


In this app you can find a lot of pic editor tools which really helpful for you. Tools like Picture retouch,Brighten pictures,Photo fx and Collage maker are really awesome which make this apps for the next level of photo editing.


You can also find photography with live photo effects,crop out objects,photo effects, HDR & layer editing.


After editing photos you can share your image with your friends, family and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.
I think you can try this for editing your photography.


System Requirements


You must have some minimum requirements for using this apps in your smartphone.


Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean),1 GHz processor,768 MB RAM,480×640 screen resolution,ARM CPU, Tegra 3,Supports JPEG / PNG images only.




What happens when you see “Adobe Photoshop” in your smartphone? Yap! Pixlr is so close features just like Photoshop.


If you want to resize your image,crop your photo,remove background, add background photo and so many color, I think “Pixlr” is the perfect name for this task.


In this apps you can do all of these task for editing your image and make a live photography.It’s really unlock your creativity and over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters.


Wow! That’s great and it’s absolutely free. I think you can’t no more apps like this for editing your photo. If you are using “Pc”,”Laptop”, or “Mac”. You also can try only version of Pixlr.


If you don’t know how it’s works?You just go to “YouTube”.

And search which want to try using “Pixlr”. I personally use this apps for a long time and over “One Million” people download this apps from google play store.




Snapseed is one of the free best photo editor apps. It’s change your think about photo edit.


You can find so many awesome features like “Drama,Vintage,Expand,white balance” and so on. I recommended you to use this apps for edit your photo.


I think this app is mobile friendly apps. You can try any kind of smartphone.


This have don’t interrupted  for working or show add. I recommended you try this app for making best photography.



10.PicsArt Photo Editor


This is the final apps review in these list. Most of the people love “PicsArt Photo Editor” apps because in this apps you find so many crazy tools like effects, collage maker, camera, free clipart library and so on.


“PicsArt Photo Editor” is the #1 photo editing apps in my experience. Over “500 million” people download this apps in their smartphones.


A few user forbidden to use this apps because of “add show” problem but most of the user can say “They don’t face a lot’s of add show problem”.


I find it from “Google Play Store” review section. I simply say if you want to make the best photography experience,I recommended you use this apps.


I try my best to share with my best idea and tips&tricks about my photo editing experience.Hopefully you enjoyed this article. If you face any kind of problem write down in the comment box.


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