Top 5 Best Android Games of 2018!

When we were teenage, we played a lot of games like “football”,”cricket”,”table” “tennis”,”hockey”,”badminton” and so on.

At the mean time, our technology is not developed.But now, our technology is super developed and most of the people specially teenage are like to play games in their smartphone.

So many games are released but a little games are evergreen.In this article I listed my top ten best android games of 2018!I try my best to share my user experience with you.So let’s go…



Vainglory is most likely the best MOBA accessible on Android.If you want to play the games on online with your friends,I think “Vainglory” is the perfect name.

Most important part of this game is it’s totally free.You don’t have any worry for purchasing it.Features like “Casual, Ranked and BRAWL Modes” are really awesome.In 2016,Vainglory got “Best Mobile Game” awarded by Global Mobile.

So many people install it from google play store. This game is real time game with “MOBA on mobile”.I think you really enjoy this games.If you face any kind of problem install this games write down in our comment box.



2.This War of Mine

In 2015, This War of Mine game was released. This game is so good for this reason we awarded it the best game.In this durability games,you lead a life just like a crew of civilians who is making difficult decisions for the city torn apart by war.

You do not play as an elite soldier in”This War Of Mine”.Features like “inspired by real-life events”,”Control your survivors and manage your shelter”,”Craft weapons, alcohol, beds or stoves – anything that helps you survive”,”Make decisions – an typically unforgiving associated showing emotion tough experience”,”Randomized world and characters every time you start a new game” and
“Charcoal-stylized aesthetics to reinforce the game’s theme” ar terribly nice.Simply Boom!You imagine you just like crew.

This game is paid you can’t download it without purchased it from “Google Play Store”.You may pay around “$14.99 / $1.99”.

I think this game is just superb just like in the original version! I would really love to see the PC updates make it into mobile.And also this game is amazing and moving, and I wholeheartedly recommend you play it.



3.PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the best android games in 2018.This game is get “Best Android Games” which is awarded by “Google Play Store”.Google play store is select it from reviews of this game users.

It already has a million user reviews.I specially thanks the apps developer of this games.Over ten million people download it from google play store.

In the last of 2018,PUBG Mobile release new smartphone which is specialist for playing this games.And most important part of smartphone is “PUBG Mobile”is free for their user.If you don’t have “PUBG Mobile” you must purchased it from google play store.

The most funniest part of the games if you won the mission you get a “chicken”. PUBG Mobile play a role model of android games.If you search in YouTube,you get million million views of “PUBG Mobile”.Back in the 2017,no one know the name of “PUBG”.This game really make you crazy.

You can’t find any people who don’t play this games or know about this games.It is a high regulation games.If you android phone is low regulation you can’t enjoy it properly.

I think it is not just a game,this Is Battle Royale.In this games you can find “high-quality graphics and HD Audio,realistic weapons,travel in style” and so on. That’s really great. If you want to play this games,you must have some requirement.

You must need a persistent internet connection,recommended specs for getting the most out of PUBG MOBILE: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB RAM.

If you have face any kind of problem for playing this games.Write down in the commend box.Or search the problem on “YouTube”.Hopefully,You can fix your problem.



4.Pokemon Go

If you know”Pokemon Go”,I think your childhood is super.It’s really hard to find anyone whom don’t know about Pokemon.In my childhood,Everyday I see Pokemon cartoon on cartoon network”CN”.

I don’t forget this memory.It’s really awesome. Pokemon Go is one of the best games ever released.It already has over ten million people download it from google play store and over million user reviews it.

I think it’s a great and entertaining game, but it has to many updates constantly. Some are necessary to include new features like Raids and Training but others are just bug fixes that don’t fix anything.

This game is free for playing and it also offers in-game purchases.And also it is optimized for smartphones, not for tablets.

If you have face any kinds of problem using this apps,You should contact with us.You can also comment your problem is the comment box.Hopefully,You can enjoy the game and back in the childhood.




In 2016, Crashlands was realized.This game is still among the best smartphone games ever made.It’s have so many features like ” Expansive Crafting System”,”Self-managing, Infinite Inventory”,”Skill-Based Combat”,” Intuitive Base Building” and so on which really make me crazy.

If you notice the name “Crashlands”,You can easily find out the meaning of the game.The main task of the game is you must crash the building and so many things which are created alien in your planet.

You can crash it using car.In 2016,this game is awarded for ” Action Game of the Year”.If you want to play this games you must fulfill some requirements.

I really  try my to introduce you my favorite games and my user experience.All of this games are find in “Google Play Store”.Hopefully,You really enjoy this article.

You can share your experience with us.Just simply write it in our comment box.Most of the games are paid.

Don’t take any piracy games.Because it’s really unsafe for your privacy.I really  care you guys and for this reason I recommend you purchase your favorite games from google play store.

It’s 100% safe and enjoy real games.You can also contact directly the apps maker company.

I request you if this article really helps you,please share with your friends.You can also find me on”Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Pinterest”.

Please stay with us.And write down your opinion about this article.I think it’s really motivated me for writing more article like this.You can also say me which content you really need.I tr my best to share with you guys.

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