Top 5 best data saver apps for Your Android!

Technology is developed day by day.I’m depended on technology.For this reason,I often use internet.I am using internet in two ways.Mobile data & WiFi is the main resource of internet.

When I’m home,I’m using “WiFi” but when I’m on abroad,I’m using my mobile data.WiFi offers unlimited broadband internet but my mobile data is limited.Most of the time,I’m working in the outside.

For this reason,I’m using mobile data which is costly.After working back in my room,sometimes I’m so tired and forget to turn off my mobile data.When I wake up,I see my mobile data has finished limitation or over limited.

Which really disappointed me.But now I’m saving my mobile data using mobile data save apps.In this article I’m share with you my “Top 5 Best Data Saver Apps For Android”. So lets Go..





DataEye spares you portable information and battery by giving you a chance to deal with your versatile information traffic and helping you find the most recent Offers.

You can easily understand which task really do it this apps when you read the name of “Dataeye”.It means this apps may control your data like a mom for baby.

In this apps,you can save both your data and battery.You can also know where your data is use,extended your battery life.

You know,when you use internet it’s really low your battery.But if you use this apps your battery life may be extended.I really thanks to the apps developer for making a great apps for me.

I think this app is great because it’s totally free. Blocks all bloatware on my phone from using my data. Easy to know where my data is going.

Unlike others that do not block apps in wifi mode, this one does. This perhaps the most important app on my phone.

There’s however a bug: when one leaves the apps.If you face any kind of problem you can contact with me via  comment box or email.I will try best to find out best solution for you.



Datally is created by Google.Google offers you this apps totally free.You can save up to 30% mobile data using this apps.

When any apps which is created by google.I think their quality is great and best for android user.In this apps,you can see which apps really take data.

All of category apps is listed which need data for using.And also block  your background data which save your mobile data.

Simply,If you use this apps,I think you don’t worry for your mobile data.Because it’s save your data properly.Using this apps,you can find some features like limit your data paln,Emergency Bank of data,Bedtime data and and so on.

In Emergency Bank you can save a little data for your emergency time.You can also set your bed time which automatically turn of your data. really like how they added the feature of not actually being able to block data anymore.

I love opening up an app knowing I have to either turn off my data or let it all get drained. This app used to be good. It’s not very useful knowing my data is being used if I’m not allowed to actually do some.



Glasswire is one of the best apps for saving mobile data.I think this apps makes it easy to monitor your mobile data usage, data limits, and WiFi Internet activity in real-time. Instantly see what apps area unit speed your phone’s net association or wasting your mobile information.

Features like data alerts,real-time graph ,Data Plan,Speed Meter and so on are really awesome.And it’s really helps you ti save your mobile data.You can settled your information plan,see constant information which you utilized and furthermore the speed meter which speed your information is really done.

I thin it’s superb.It’s secures your protection and uncover suspicious application action through GlassWire’s live diagram.

I really like this app,it’s fresh looking design and its real-time tracking of mobile data usage.

If you have faced any kind of problem,Please contact their website or contact with me via mail or comment box.I will try best to solve your problem as soon as possible.


4.Data Saving Browsers

Web browsing is one of the best ways to access the internet.So many company make web browsing tools where data-saving features are available.

But recommend you to use “Google Chrome” which is created by google.It’s official web browser of google.Because it’s safe for using internet.

It’s protect your privacy and most of them trust “Google”.I use  UC Browser Mini, Opera Mini, and Phoenix Browser but honestly google chrome is the best among the web browser.I specially thanks to the apps developer for making this apps for me.

Because in the chrome browser you can use low data.If you have any kinds of problem using it,you many contact with me via mail or comment box.You download it from google play store and also check latest updates of chrome browser.


5.Basically Any Lite App


When use mobile data,I always remind how much data I have.Because it’s limited.So I really try use low internet as I need.

I test it so many times for minimizing my data.I notice,If I use “lite Apps”,my internet roaming is very low.And I use it for a long time.

I think it’s safe my data.So many lite apps like “Facebook lite,Messenger Lite” and so on.You can check it main apps of Facebook and messenger and another time you use  lite apps.

I think you understand the difference how much you can just using lite app.You can download lite app from google play store.


In this article,I try best to give my best idea which really helps you save your data.If you have faces any kinds of problem using this apps.

Write down in the comment box what’s problem you really face.I will try my best to give you best solution as soon as possible.

However,If you want to know more updates like this connect with me in Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and YouTube.If you want to know any kinds of topic about android,write down in the comment box or mail me.I will try best to give you best idea for this.

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