Top 5 best cloud storage services apps for Android of 2018!



Technology is super fasted.In the past,I worked hard for a simple task,it’s really hard to tolerable it.But at the present,technology reduce our problem and make easy,save our working time.Cloud storage is one of the blessing part of technology.

It’s really help us to carry our files,information any place,any time.In the past,I carried pen drive,hard disk for carrying information one place to another place.In the cloud storage system,you can carry your information without carry any memory slot.

Some of the cloud storage are free and some are paid.In this article,I’m share with you  my “Top 5 best cloud storage services and apps for Android of 2018”.I’m try to best to give you a clear information about those app. So let’s start…




Box is one of the popular cloud storage offers you 10 GB free cloud storage by signing up a personal account.If you want more than 10 GB while you can storage your photo,movie,text file,video,personal information.

They offers 100 GB cloud storage.This you have to pay $10/month.If you want to use this apps for business purpose,you can also try prices range from $5-$15/month per user and include far more features.

This app provides you with friction less tools built for the most regulated industries, as well as data residency in nine countries.In this process, you can meet the most demanding global compliance and suggest you if you more than 100 GB storage don’t try this app because it’s huge costly for you.

You can also download it from google play store.I think you don’t face any kind of problem using this app but if you have faced any kind of problem using this app.I prefer you to visit the official website of this app and contact the app support team.They can always ready to support you anytime.You can also you can share your own user experience with me.



Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage app.Dropbox helps your company grow without limits, while you can maintain complete control over important company information and your user activity.They offers 2 GB free storage for an individual account,you can also try 3 TB (3,072 GB) of space for 30 days (Trial Time).

If you want it,you must pay $12.50/ user / month, starting at 3 users.In this app support auto photo upload,Microsoft office,Android design elements and easy sharing option.

I use this app since 2014.It’s totally secure your privacy.If you lost or damage your android phone,you can get all of your information in the dropbox where you save it.

I specially thanks to the app developer team for making this awesome apps.You can download this from google play store for installing it in your mobile.If you have faced any kind of problem using this apps,you can contact with their website for fix your problem.


3.Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best and most popular cloud storage apps.It is a safe place for all your files and put them from your android,pc,tablets from anywhere.Google offers it’s users 15 GB free out of the gate with unlimited photo and video backup via Google Photos.

In this apps you can also find an assortment of office apps available for documents, note taking, spreadsheets, and presentations.

It’s pretty cool and make your task easy.Most of the people trusted google because it’s safe.If you want more storage google drive offers 100 GB ($1.99/month) or 1Tb ($9.99/year).I specially thank to google for making this apps.You can download this app from google play store.

I think you don’t face any kind of problem using this app but if you have faced any kind of problem using this app.I prefer you to visit the official website of this app and contact the app support team.They can always ready to support you anytime.You can also you can share your own user experience with me.




Mediafire is one of the popular file sharing apps.You can share your photo,video,software,project file and so on by using this apps.MediafFire offers you 10GB free cloud storage.

If you wan to more storage the y offer you  1TB for $7.50 per month (billed annually) or 100TB for $80 per month (billed quarterly).You can share your storage information through email, link, or social network. You can share any types of file it doesn’t any requirement.

Over one million people download this apps from google play store.You can also download it from there.People are saying that it only gives us 12GB of free space but the have not read the description of the app that we can earn the 50 GB free cloud space but we can get the 12GB free space for free and overall the app is great and thanks to the developers for this great app and i loved it.

I love mediafire and its wonderful app.You can also try it and share your user experience with me.If you have faced any kind of problem using this should contact with me via mail or comment box.I will try to give you my best solution as soon as possible.




Mega is one of the largest free cloud storage apps.Because in the mega apps,they offer 50GB cloud storage for their user.I think none of the cloud storage provider don’t this space at free.As usual in this apps,you can storage  your photos,videos,important software,file and any types of file.

You can also share it your personal things which you storage in mega with your friends via “Mega Download Link”.It’s help you to protect your privacy and it’s totally safe.It’s download speed is super.

In my user experienced,I see it download speed is the highest which my internet provider give me.You can upload your files easily.I think it is one of the easiest way of uploading files.

I specially thanks to the apps developer and also want to say the app developer”Update this  app for android user”.I enjoy using Mega’s cloud services.

There is definitely room for improvement on the app though. Specifically the auto upload of Camera images.If you have faced any problem for uploading files,you can contact with the support team of this app developed.Hopefully,they will help you as soon as possible.


However,In this article I’m trying to best to give you clear concept about those apps.

Recently,I use those apps specially google drive,mediafire and mega.But in my user experience,I recommend you please try “Google Drive”.

If you want a large cloud space I recommend you should try “Mega” Both of the apps secure your personal information.

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