Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant V2.2-play MOD APK (PAID Full)

Name Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant
Publisher Toca Boca
Genre Educational
Size 82M
Version V2.2-play
MOD Info PAID Full
Updated January 22, 2024
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Application introduction

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant is an educational game published by Toca Boca. Do you want to improve your cooking skills in your free time, but find it a hassle to prepare dishes and prepare tools? It’s your task to produce inventive food for your patrons in Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant. You can test out several combinations of ingredients to determine which ones work best together.

Introduction about Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

Through its culinary creations, Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant will provide you with a delightful entertainment experience. A list of ingredients will be shown to players, who can then utilize them to try making their recipe or follow the directions. As soon as you notice clients entering the business, you should try to make sure the food you provide meets their needs. Customers assign ratings based on how much they enjoy each dish. In addition, dishes are prepared in a variety of ways. The combination of spices and the impressive platter requires you to explore gradually.

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

Outstanding Features

A great degree of freedom

The features of this game allow players to do whatever they want, which gives them a great degree of freedom. However, as this isn’t a game that controls the doll universe, customers at your restaurant are free to consume the food that is put in front of them. The character change feature has also undergone some changes to give players the impression that they are real restaurateurs.

A wide variety of processable ingredients

You’ll be amazed by the ingredients at Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant once you’ve eaten at a Japanese restaurant. Customers can fill this container with any material they wish because it can be rotated, and fresh materials are added with each revolution. Various processing techniques are used for different materials, based on their properties and intended use. There are certain elements you must cook to ensure that the dish doesn’t damage the person eating it. When cooking the components, remember to shift the pan; you’ll notice some surprising results. Furthermore, rolling mats are an excellent tool for making sushi.

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

Two common spices

Players will also need to use specific condiments in Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant to improve their food. Soy sauce and wasabi are two often used components in Japanese cooking. When used, some ingredients will appear to have changed color to indicate the presence of sauce. Spreading each seasoning precisely and paying attention to the quantity required are essential. Applying mustard in particular needs caution. Strong flavors are characteristic of this spice, and using too much can occasionally make diners uncomfortable.


In contrast to other cooking games, Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant encourages you to use your imagination freely. You can play around with different ingredients to determine which ones go together better rather than being restricted to following recipes. The game takes place at a crowded beachside restaurant that is outfitted to meet all of its patrons’ wants.

The gameplay is straightforward: you start by selecting the materials you wish to use. All of these ingredients are stocked on a kitchen shelf and all you have to do is select what you need. Then you can begin cooking by the needs of the client. You will discover that numerous tools can be useful when making food. There’s also a deep fryer, pan, and oven, each with its purpose. Customers have different personalities, and they will make it obvious to you what they think of the meal you have made. To ensure that you are creating the correct food, you must consider their comments.

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant

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A delightful and captivating game called Toca Kitchen Sushi. You can cook in a more inventive way thanks to it. The soothing music and vibrant, aesthetically beautiful artwork serve to establish the mood for the game. To embark on the greatest gastronomic adventure download this game.

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