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Timestamp Camera

Timestamp Camera V1.229 MOD APK (Patched)

Name Timestamp Camera
Publisher Bian Di
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 3M
Version V1.229
MOD Info Patched
Updated January 19, 2024
Download (3M)

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Application introduction

Bian Di released an intriguing program called Timestamp Camera that improves the quality of photos taken using smartphones. It is not only easy to use, but it also offers extensive AI customization options that provide customers with a number of amazing advantages. It’s also good at neatly and precisely adding details to images, such as the location, time of day, and maps.

Introduction about Timestamp Camera

An entertaining program called Timestamp Camera improves the quality of photos taken with your smartphone. As with digital cameras, the software precisely and cleanly maps extra data, including location and time taken, into an image or video. You should give Timestamp Camera a try if you’re searching for a strong video editor and player and it will surprise you in a good way! In summary, this app not only helps users to take high-quality pictures but also shows crucial details such as the location of each picture or video.

Timestamp Camera


Camera improvement system

The primary function of the Timestamp Camera is to enhance the camera system so that users may produce the most colorful and immersive images. Artificial intelligence offers users more creative ideas and elevates the artistic quality of the video by automatically adjusting the ideal hue and brightness based on the user-specified preset. Fortunately, everyone’s shooting experience is improved because of the many customized features of the Camera Improvement System.

Upgraded recording function

To enable users to produce the most stunning and flawless recordings, the camcorder’s recording feature will also be improved. One advantage of a VCR is that it has presets built in, so users may create unique effects by changing the colors or everything in real-time. Users are able to express their creativity and create visually stunning videos based on their own ideas thanks to the app’s extensive customization tools. Additionally, users can enhance the quality of their videos by using text, emojis, and other cool features. Video content is made more engaging and entertaining by making it easy to add or remove components during filming.

Timestamp Camera

Snapshot images capture important images

Timestamp Camera will offer a function that lets the user swiftly capture and store key video during the recording process. By doing this, the photos will be taken straight out of the video and not need to be converted again. This feature both keeps the video recording going and gives users an internal image. Because these photos maintain the same style and essence as the preset images used in the video, there won’t be any changes to their resolution or quality, nor any blurring or other problems. When users edit or improve recordings, they can add new content and change presets. Video content is made more engaging and entertaining by making it easy to add or remove components during filming.

Various Timestamped formats

Similar in operation to a conventional camera, the Timestamp Camera boasts numerous enhancements and special support features to give users the best possible experience. It also entails switching up the scene and giving each shooting or photo location additional assistance. Timestamp Camera offers a wide range of customizing options that users can enable or deselect to add more information to photographs and videos at a later time. The application will enable users to work with content in a multitude of formats by supporting all popular forms of location data.

The application’s shot or capture mode is automatic and is used continually while the user takes pictures. Adjusting the shutter speed, resolution, image quality, and portrait or landscape style are all included in this. Users must constantly and carefully utilize these tools to produce works of art, as they play an important role in determining the quality of images to videos.

Timestamp Camera

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If you need to add more actual information to your images and videos, Timestamp Camera is a great smartphone software with a lot of helpful functions.

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