Tank Stars

Tank Stars V2.0.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Name Tank Stars
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Genre Arcade
Size 146M
Version V2.0.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Updated January 16, 2024
Download (146M)

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Application introduction

Tank Stars is an arcade game published by Playgendary Limited. Are you looking for a cool and enjoyable game to play? Tank Star will satisfy your needs. You can challenge players from around the world, enjoy yourself with friends, and test your marksmanship in this top game.

Introduction about Tank Stars

The most played game right now is Tank Star, which takes place in a distant world. The tanks are primed and primed to launch an offensive against the adversary. Attacks and target shots will be launched from the tanks that are positioned on either side of the screen. Tanks with high power and precision will go to the next level, but every time you shoot at an enemy, they will hit you back. Tailor your tank to your needs and make winning strategies. This game fulfills all the expectations of players with its amazing gameplay and high-quality graphics.

Tank Stars

Outstanding Features

Modern and powerful weapons

You’re going to face the biggest battles of your life on this adventure, and weapons will play a crucial part in determining the outcome of any battles. To win the game, employ formidable contemporary weaponry and develop the required strategic plans. In fact, if you have a lot of powerful modern artillery and improved tanks, your chances of winning the battle are very high. However, getting weapons in the game isn’t always easy. You must fulfill certain requirements in order to obtain these mysterious and powerful weapons. In addition, you can continue to buy all the weapons and tanks by using the unlimited money ability of our mod app.

Different game modes

Tank Stars offers four appealing and distinct game modes, each with its own amazing features, so you may enjoy it to the fullest. In addition to playing in two-player mode with friends and family, you can also hone your skills against the computer. You can engage in free-for-all competition in eye-catching seasonal events and tournaments, or you can combat against other players globally in PvP online battle mode.

Tank Stars

Compete with different players around the world

You have the option to play multiplayer multiplayer games with friends and family in this one. Additionally, you have the option to extend invitations to other players who are concurrently enjoying the game online and all over the world. Show off your prowess, represent your nation and culture, and emerge as the game’s victor.

Attractive graphics and sound effects

The game’s visuals are meant to be straightforward and uncomplicated, yet they still have features and appeal. You will feel satisfied and refreshed by the explosions with their many effects, which are particularly lovely. Every kind of rocket has a unique sound, and each sound effect gives an intensely realistic and colorful impression for every explosion in Tank Star.


You can’t find Tank Star challenging if you’ve ever played coordinate shooting games like Gunny or something similar. It is quite acceptable, though, if you are a novice player and unfamiliar with this genre. This game is easy to play with anyone, but proficiency takes some time and effort. All you have to do is move your car into a good attacking position and manipulate the projectile to damage your opponents. Your projectiles can be inaccurate at times, but you have to do a lot of these tests to become proficient in Tank Stars. Your health declines with the amount of harm you sustain. The combat will continue until one of you or your opponent’s health bars runs out.

Tank Stars

Download Tank Stars Right Now!

With its ever-evolving features, Tank Stars is one of the most unique and epic games that has won the hearts of millions of players. You will be happy with everything in this game, so download Tank Stars and enjoy the amazing gaming experience!

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