Stickman Ghost 2

Stickman Ghost 2 V8.1.1 MOD APK (Money, God Mode, One Hit)

Name Stickman Ghost 2
Publisher Unimob
Genre Action
Size 115M
Version V8.1.1
MOD Info Money, God Mode, One Hit
Updated January 17, 2024
Download (115M)

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Application introduction

Stickman Ghost 2 is an action game published by Unimob that takes you into a terrifying war in space. Stickman, your hero, will fight tough robots with specialized weapons. Players on Android will be able to take on the formidable Stickman combat challenge in Stickman Ghost 2 and finish the main objective of vanquishing the evil forces. Experience a fresh take on stick combat and war games to unlock even more captivating action. Explore the excitement of new and unique gameplay mechanics while battling new space enemies!

Introduction about Stickman Ghost 2

It might be said that Stickman Ghost 2 makes a comeback, offering gamers even more amazing upgrades and sophisticated gameplay. This edition allows users to unlock a wide variety of pet robot names. The combat environment has been improved and you have more options to choose from. What makes this game different is that it will feature challenging battles on a large scale. When you play this game, you will be able to destroy stick bosses and other robots by using a range of special weapons.

Stickman Ghost 2

Outstanding Features

More than 100 different game stages

For those who are curious, you can now fully immerse yourself in the thrilling story mode and amazing gameplay of role-playing games. Through the more than 100 distinct in-game stages, each with its own particular challenges and thrilling gameplay, enjoy yourself while learning about the fascinating storyline. Furthermore, you can immerse yourself in the increasingly challenging levels thanks to the activities’ increasing complexity, which will ensure that the game stays entertaining throughout.

PVP mode and leaderboards

Players can now participate in a variety of thrilling PVP challenges with friends and other online players to add even more excitement to the in-game battle. Play this fantastic mobile game and battle it out in an amazing online arena. Additionally, there are now thrilling worldwide leaderboards where you may compete against friends and internet players. In each battle, you will demonstrate your strength and tactical acumen. By surpassing others, you can gain pride and other special gains.

Stickman Ghost 2

High-quality images and sound effects

The gorgeous HD graphics in Stickman Ghost 2 are truly breathtaking for the players. You will always be fully immersed in the gaming experience thanks to the realistic graphics and lifelike game movements. Most players are also kept completely absorbed in the game by the entertaining soundtrack and sound effects. With the help of the amusing sound effects, explore the amazing adventures in the game!


Explore Stick Man Ghost 2 to play a different kind of role-playing action gaming. The game has exciting new enhancements and a novel gameplay mechanic. In order to vanquish the space adversary that threatens the world as we know it, you will rise to the rank of supreme ninja warrior. In epic battles, players fight a wide variety of opponents, each with unique and powerful abilities. Fighting opponents in immersive environments, players learn to utilize dynamic movements, elegant and powerful skill moves, and more. Players will face off against rivals of varying skill levels. Our stickman will have help from a number of spaceships and animals in his battle.

With Stickman Ghost 2’s easy-to-use touch controls, Android users can start playing entertaining action games right away. Here, you can freely navigate characters around a two-dimensional map using realistic touch buttons and dynamic simulations. You may effortlessly mix touch operations in Stickman Ghost 2 to create rapid combos and flawlessly perform skill attacks.

Stickman Ghost 2

Download Stickman Ghost 2 Right Now!

Now download the awesome mobile game ” Stickman Ghost 2″ and experience the ultimate fun of shadow Stick Man action. You’ll discover new stickman tactical elements in the game and enjoy a more fun and enjoyable moving action experience!

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