Speedtest v5.2.4 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Name Speedtest
Publisher Ookla
Genre Utilities
Size 36MB
Version v5.2.4
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Updated December 14, 2023
Download (36MB)

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Application introduction

Do you often worry about the probably low Internet speed when you have to access it for important work or when playing a game? Do you want a speed test application to check and compare the speed of a network in some necessary situations? If so, come and download the convenient app Speedtest!

Introduction about Speedtest

— Whats Speedtest on mobile?

It’s an accurate, fast and efficient tool for Internet speed test. Thanks to its powerful features, you can not only test the entire speed of the network on mobile in your location, but also compare the quality of different networks, helping you to make the best decision for network connection.


— The importance of Internet speed test

There are always necessary situations for you to know how much speed the network you use has, whether it is strong or weak, or whether you choose the most suitable carrier or not. Therefore, you need a highly accurate speed test tool for your current Internet connection, and this is what Speedtest can do.

It makes you know the real-time network connection speed and quality by operating a series of download and upload tests based on the standard indicators. After knowing the concrete measured numbers of speed, you can learn about the nature of your connection and can make more accurate predictions when you have critical tasks to avoid any midway problem and some passive situations that will affect the quality of your work.

Besides, this app enables you to compare the speed among multiple carriers for making a better choice of network. You can see all the carrier coverage charts being displayed on your screen based on your current geographical location through this app, which allows you to wisely select the best carrier. The whole process won’t cost your time and energy, in which you are just required some simple taps on mobile!

— Test Internet speed with one connection

This app can quickly tell you the exactly connection speed as soon as you connect to the network you want to test just once. With its advanced global server system, you can see the most accurate data in the real world, allowing you to clearly see the performance of your provider and flexibly choose the carrier with the strongest connection. 

Moreover, you can also switch between different carriers of each region for getting the best connection in the place you frequently go.

— Check streaming speed

It’s also a useful assistant for most streaming workers, which can help them test and evaluate the real-time speed and quality of their streaming tasks. Therefore, if you want to optimize your streaming experience, you are offered this helpful information to rely on. Speedtest offers the streaming test including the load time, maximum resolution, and buffer speed for you to own the best and most stable streams.


— Maintain a stable connection

    This app also ensures that you can maintain the most stable connection as well as the Internet you use is much more private and secure. Such safety mechanism works based on self-detecting, fixing problems, synchronizing with verification and returning to the original speed of the current carrier, so that you can maintain a sustainable speed when accessing the Internet.


Download for Android

In conclusion, Speedtest is really a convenient speed test tool that is worth your try, aiming to ensure the best network stability and smoothness to support your work tasks. As a result, if you often need to understand the quality of an Internet which connection speed is highly related to your work or entertainment, let this tool help you all the time anywhere right now!


  • Name of App: Speedtest
  • Category: Utilities   
  • File size: 36MB
  • Last updated on:December 5, 2023
  • Developer: Ookla 
  • The Newest Version: v5.2.4 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)
  • Requires Android: Android 6.0
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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