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SimCity BuildIt V1.52.6.120559 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name SimCity BuildIt
Genre Simulation
Size 155M
Version V1.52.6.120559
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated January 24, 2024
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Application introduction

SimCity BuildIt is a simulation game published by ELECTRONIC ARTS that takes players into the role of a new mayor. In the game, players will construct the city of their dreams. The game features a wide variety of buildings that will use up a lot of your supplies and equipment. As a result, you must figure out how to grow your city. Mayors and other clubs are waiting for you to join.

Introduction about SimCity BuildIt

ELECTRONIC ARTS has released many famous games on different platforms, and The SIMS is one of the games that has brought them great success. However, today we’re talking about SimCity BuildIt, not the SIMS, and the focus is no longer on interacting with characters. Instead, the players must construct, populate, and oversee a city by hand. The best people are found in the big metropolis. You will finally have the opportunity to build your city and turn it into a desirable holiday destination. In the game, players are free to do as they choose and take in the vibrant city life with its colorful cast of characters.

SimCity BuildIt

Outstanding Features

Different types of buildings

Players can find a wide variety of buildings in SimCity BuildIt, each one of which is in charge of supplying a certain kind of good, such as electricity, nails, and many other things. When growing cities and creating novel buildings, they are indispensable. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to gradually learn more about the products you’re creating, and they’ll gradually become more diverse.

There are many alternatives when building an ideal city. Every building in the game has a unique architectural aspect. You have to construct residential buildings first, then big structures owned by wealthy individuals and corporations. Along with the main retail and recreational districts, there are additional warehouses. You can unlock more amazing and cutting-edge buildings as you advance in level. However, the cost will vary based on its level of luxury each time you create it. It’s time to bring everything together to generate crowded streets. Remember to consider environmental issues like traffic.

SimCity BuildIt

Club Wars

One of the interesting features of SimCityBuild is that players have the option to participate in club wars and play games with other players. Club Wars has some interesting gaming elements, such as the fact that you’ll be dealt some cards depicting different catastrophes that you can unleash. These disasters can also be upgraded. Every time you unleash a catastrophe, a list of required resources emerges, and you have to gather those items to defeat your adversaries.

Build your style of city

One of the coolest features of SimCity BuildIt is the ability to design a metropolis based on well-known areas. Players can develop their distinctive cities based on original designs from London, Paris, or New York. However, they do not stay at the traditional level of development, it can take full advantage of emerging technologies. Integrate your city with the natural environment and the residents will be more satisfied. Provide waterfront services to attract more visitors to your sanctuary discover new areas and capitalize on their potential.


You will oversee a tiny city in your capacity as mayor. This place can expand to a significant extent and has a lot of potential. Let’s begin by constructing tiny homes so that people can move in the streets, and big buildings and industrial zones were built after that. People will begin to work on productive projects, and you will benefit from this. Make improvements or replacements to aging structures with the money you make. If you want to make your city more modern and luxurious, try to improve people’s lives and improve your city’s ranking.

SimCity BuildIt

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If you want to build a thriving city, and everything in the city develops as you want, SimCity BuildIt is the best choice for you!

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