Rent Please

Rent Please V1.40.5.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Rent Please
Publisher ShimmerGames
Genre Simulation
Size 1.31 GB
Version V1.40.5.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated January 16, 2024
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Application introduction

Rent Please is a fun landlord simulator game published by ShimmerGames. Have you ever imagined becoming a landlord? As a landlord, how are you going to contribute to the prosperity of your community? As the landlord in this game, it is your responsibility to oversee your renters, charge for rooms, and maintain the property. How will you satisfy the diverse needs of your tenants? When you comply with their expectations, you might experience unanticipated outcomes. You can experience the fulfillment of success as a landlord who rents to wealthy tenants. Take command of your community and create the perfect one in Rent Please!

Introduction about Rent Please

Rent Please is a fun landlord simulation game that allows users to become regular landlords of multiple apartment complexes, as well as wealthy moguls. This is not merely a tale of commerce and goods sold. It’s also an attitude towards life that everything will be okay. The peaceful city is getting richer and richer. The game offers players a wide range of entertaining scenarios in addition to showcasing our business prowess in various settings. Renting is now a common option for people trying to save money. Consequently, this industry has a lot to offer a lot of individuals. You must have the ability to oversee everything as a manager in Rent Please.

Rent Please

Outstanding Features

A variety of tenants

Every player in this game is fascinated by the diversity of tenants. There are many other people in the area who are also interested in renting, so you’re not alone. In addition to being their landlord, you are also a good friend. Maintaining communication with your tenants and encouraging them to share personal experiences. Everyone has a unique circumstance and life story. Some people cannot afford a high standard of living, while others wish to try a new job or don’t want to purchase an expensive home. Each situation must be fully understood and dealt with, and you will gradually learn how to be a kind and helpful person.

Rent Please

Unlock a new room

The primary goal of the game is to imitate being a landlord and managing properties, so a wide variety of room kinds and functions will be included to provide players more inspiration when creating their own neighborhood or offering various rental services. Every room has the option to be opened for rental at a fair fee and personalized to the individual’s liking. Once the maximum number of tenants is reached, more rooms can be unlocked, such as one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and waterfront homes. Proceed with leasing in order to increase profitability after that. These new rooms will provide you with enormous profits, even more than your initial investment. Build your own business, and become the richest man.

Two special maps

Which would you rather live in a busy metropolis or a sleepy seaside town? Every map has distinct features and patterns that impact the overall gameplay experience and game ambiance. As far as lifestyle goes, different maps lead to varied experiences, and if you have excellent abilities, you can be a wonderful landlord. The game features two maps where players may experience various feelings. The first map depicts a contemporary city with a reliable source of income. The other is a sleepy village on the sea that is crowded with tourists.


You can design and govern the community of your dreams in this lovely game, based on your preferences. At the same time, develop more diversity and take in more tenants to create the dynamic atmosphere and welcoming community of your desire. You are an extremely rich landlord who owns a whole neighborhood. Since then, it has started to expand living spaces, create more homes, raise the standard of homes at fair prices, and let more renters come in.

Rent Please

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Download Rent Please now to decorate your own home, improve your tenants’ quality of life, and become a trusted landlord!

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