PickUp V1.1.1 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Name PickUp
Publisher JaDo Games
Genre Simulation
Size 36M
Version V1.1.1
MOD Info Free Rewards
Updated January 17, 2024
Download (36M)

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Application introduction

PickUp is a simulation game published by JaDo Games that combines vehicle, casual, and single-player elements. The game’s storyline is straightforward but captivating. You have to replace any damaged parts and fix an ancient pickup truck that has been disassembled. Not only is a pickup truck a vehicle, but it can also earn money by performing other tasks. With a variety of challenges and opponents, the game features over 100 levels.

Introduction about PickUp

The game is friendly to beginners and provides tutorials for beginners, so it is simple and fun. To make money, you must find and install truck parts, fix an old pickup truck, and ship goods. You’ll feel proud of yourself after fixing up the truck and desire to customize a real truck! The game offers vintage pickup vehicles for those who wish to possess a unique vehicle. There are several types of pickup trucks, and you can practice driving them by operating various models. The controls are the same in all cars. Drivers practice by trying out different cars because a good driver needs to have not only a love for cars but also a sense of responsibility for others.


Outstanding Features

Replace parts

Players are required to look for components in scrapyards, junkyards, and other locations where used cars and trucks are kept. Amidst heaps of trash and dilapidated vehicles, they can search for treasures. Players have to dismantle vintage pickup trucks and add new features using their mechanical skills. To ascertain which pieces require replacement, the player must examine the vehicle. They can change parts with screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. In addition to repairing parts of the truck, players can modify the vehicle to make it faster and more efficient. Players experience the feeling of restoring a pickup truck thanks to realistic mechanics and graphics. There are tutorials accessible, so new gamers need not fear either.

Various transportation tasks

Players have to transport products to get money. Businesses, manufacturers, and farmers use personnel to handle transportation-related duties. The player’s task is to use the truck to deliver the items within the allotted time, with each assignment having a deadline and a cargo restriction. As the vehicle gains efficiency and speed, their revenue from work will also rise. You risk losing money or breaking your car if you deliver things late.


Realistic graphics and cheerful music

The vivid and fluid graphics of the game produce a striking contrast between the bright trucks and the dark factories. The visuals and dynamic effects in the game replicate a pickup truck’s daily operation. There are a few intriguing characteristics of the truck. The process of customizing and restoring vintage pickup trucks is fun. The game also features upbeat and enjoyable music, which enhances the tone and ambiance of the experience. Players can deliver goods with this vehicle in exchange for cash. This game has very realistic physics and graphics.


Each level offers a variety of challenges and variations, making the gameplay enjoyable and addictive. The game is quite easy to play: to move the truck, press the buttons on the screen, or the arrow keys. During the game, there are also amusing moments, such as when you fight a boss. A dilapidated pickup truck appears at the start of the game. It’s frayed and rusted, but it can be refreshed with a little effort. The player must fix an antiquated vehicle so that it may be used for delivery. It is necessary to purchase parts from multiple scrap yards to repair trucks. For the vehicle to operate effectively, the player must install the parts correctly.


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PickUp is a game that will interest players who want to pass time in a relaxed and enjoyable way as well as those who appreciate car simulation games. In this powerful and rich game, the simple characters and compelling plot will keep you playing for hours on end!

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