My Top 5 Best Weight Loss Apps!


Weight Loos!Is it easy?What happen when you lose your weight and see you in the mirror?Boom!When see you in the mirror,I think it is the best filing ever for you.

In 2017 26 September,I was 97 kg but now around 88/87 kg.I really the best filings when I see me in the mirror.Trust me you can do it.

A lots of people want to lose weight but lack of knowledge and frustrated really damaged them.You see thousand of tips & tricks about weight loss but which is for you,you don’t figure out.It’s really hard to find out the best ideas for your health.

But in my body translation period I use some apps that’s really awesome which guide me the best solution for losing weight.In this article I can share with you my user experience about top five best weight loss apps.So let’s go….



1.Lose It

Lose It!If you want to user friendly weight loss app,I think you should focused on “lose it”.It is an apps which is specially make for those person who are want to lose weight.

Not only fat people use this apps but also who want to grow their health.However,this apps have some goals which based on your age,weight,your height and overall your health information.

If you follow their guide,I think you can lose your weight day by day.Nothing is impossible.

Trust me!You can make it possible.Simply believe yourself.Fight for losing weight.If you want to use this apps,you may give some your personal information.They can customized your diet plan and exercise.

If you follow this steps I think losing your weight is not hard for you.I really thank to the apps developer for helping the people scientifically.

If you have faced any kind of problem for using this apps contact with me.I will try my best to fix your problem as soon as possible.Don’t forget to share your own user experience with me.



SparkPeople helps you to log your daily meals, weight and exercise with their user-friendly tracking tools.So many people are sicking diet problem,nutrition problem and most importantly proper guideline.

I think “SparPeople” is the right place for you.Because the food database is very broad, which is awesome.You can also helps you to track nutrition and so on.I specially thanks to the apps developer.

Because day by day they are developed this apps.In this apps you can also add your meal plan and your idea for losing weight.

They can guide you which is absolutely free.I think it’s really a big deal for you.If you forget to track you yourself this apps helps you to remind it.

It’s really a user friendly apps.If you face any kinds of problem using this apps you can contact their website and social site like “Facebook,twitter,YouTube”.For further information you can also check out their recent article which is helpful for you,If you are Iphone user,you can also use this apps in your Iphone,ImacDon’t forget to share your own user experience with me..



MyFitnessPal is specially make for counting your calorie.Calorie is the main fact of losing weight.Because how much we can get calories and how much we can burn calories make difference for your weight.

If you get more calorie and burn less calorie you may gain weight.If you can do it day by day you are looking fat.And you must need to loss weight for fit your body.

In this apps you can check how much calorie you should take how much you should burn.And also which food you should take and how much take it.

You can install it both your android phone and Iphone.MyFitnessPal is absolutely free.But if you want to premium version you may purchased it from their website.

In this website you can find apps related article,tips & tricks,food,exercise and community which really help you to reach your goal.

I use this apps and this apps really works great.I recommended you try this apps for losing weight.I specially thanks to the apps developer team of “My FitnessPal”.

If you have face any problem you can contact with them their website and social media like “Facebook,twitter”.You can also contact with me via comment box.I will try my best fix your problem and give you best solution.Don’t forget to share your own user experience with me.



Fitbit introduces activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices.Mainly Fitbit helps to track your activity.They offer you so many watch which track you automatically.

You can track yourself by using this apps.For further information you can also visit their website where you can find all of the information.They can prvide free membership and give you all of tips & tricks which really helps you to loss your weight and make a fit body.

They can also share “motivational story”.I think it’s really helps you.So many people use this apps.You can download it from “Google Play Store”.You can conjointly use this apps for your Iphone,Imac.


If you want to better solution contact with me via mail or comment box.I will try my best to help you and make a better solution as soon as possible.Don’t forget to share your own user experience with me.


5.Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a company offers so many things which is related with weight loss.They can work for you.They are really guide you properly for losing weight.If you have zero knowledge I recommended you should need a proper guide for reaching your goal.

Because if you don’t how to loss weight you may try so many things but honestly none of this tricks really good for your health.You may drive your health in danger zone if you can try anything which are not certified or expert say.

Weight Watchers also offers free apps.You can find it from “Google Play Store”.You can also get it for your Iphone.Don’t forget to share your own user experience with me.


However,I try my to introduce you my favorite apps for losing weight.It really works great.I think you may use this apps and make a fit body like me.

In future,I will share my “weight loss story” with you.Hopefully,You enjoy this article.If this article really helps you,I request you spread this article with your friends.I want to share all of this tips & tricks which I use for losing weight.

You can also find me On “Facebook,Twitter,Instagram”.Let me write down your user experience in the comment box.

You can also tell me which topic you want to from me.I will try to write these topic only for you.See you again.




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