Lifeline V2.3.2 MOD APK (Paid for free)

Name Lifeline
Publisher 3 Minute Games, Inc.
Genre Adventure
Size 12 MB
Version V2.3.2
MOD Info Paid for free
Updated January 11, 2024
Download (12 MB)

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Application introduction

Lifeline is an adventure game published by 3 Minute Games, Inc. The whole story offers deep interaction and depth. While a compelling storyline and engaging content progression are undoubtedly not a cure-all, they can provide a solid framework upon which to develop an excellent game. Play the game and explore the enigmatic fantasy tale!

Introduction about Lifeline

Enjoy the captivating gameplay of Lifeline and you can play an important role in the story. This engaging gameplay not only allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game scene but also allows you to empathize with the characters in the game. Experience a distinct gaming environment on your mobile devices while immersing yourself in engaging narratives where you accompany a stranded astronaut on his survival adventure. Talk to him to lift his spirits and assist him in making important decisions!


Outstanding Features

Every decision is crucial

You begin to delve into the early parts of the story and find out what happened to the unfortunate spaceship through brief messages that are occasionally interrupted by signal interference. Unexpectedly, your attitude, viewpoint, and decisions on Taylor may progressively shift the more you learn about prior occurrences. However, every choice you make at every moment, no matter how small, will have a major impact on Tyler’s life and the ultimate fate of the ship. Each piece of information has its variables. Will you follow logic and facts, or will you follow your instincts? Various approaches yield varying outcomes. As a result, you must play the game with great consideration and try your hardest to assist Taylor in every decision.

Novel SMS interactive games

Different interactive story games frequently give scenarios or topics that require the player to make decisions within the framework of conventional storytelling. You will text Taylor, the lone survivor of a crashed spaceship, nonstop throughout the day and night in Lifeline. You will support Taylor, provide directions as needed, boost morale, and make certain technical details clear for her while they email back and forth. You’ll need to send a lot of texts to get things done. Assistance in repairing the ship, extending Taylor’s life, and figuring out how to get back to Earth are the objectives.


Free mod

Right now, the game is marked as a paid download on the Google Play Store. In light of this, to play the game on your mobile devices, you will need to make a purchase. You might wish to use our mod to unlock the gameplay if this concept doesn’t really appeal to you. Simply download and install the Lifeline APK on your devices in its place. Once the game has been correctly installed by following our instructions, you may begin playing it for free.

High-quality images and music

If you’re interested, Lifeline is essentially simply a text-based game, so there isn’t much to discuss regarding its visuals. However, because the in-game snippets and information are arranged well, the overall visual experience is quite good. The game’s soundtracks are distinctive and engaging, drawing you fully into the narratives. They seem to be attempting to use beautiful musical compositions to tell the narrative.


A horrible accident happened at the start of the story. A spacecraft unexpectedly touches down on a strange moon. You find yourself exchanging messages with a stranger who is lost on the moon. On the strange moon, he was the sole survivor of a shipwreck. Talking to him can help him make important decisions and increase his chances of surviving the hostile environment. You will be able to understand Lifeline’s unique plot over the course of several days of playtime. To improve Tyler’s chances of surviving, get to know him better as you converse with him, soothe his anxieties, and provide accurate answers to his inquiries. You will be immersed in the game’s story as it progresses.


Download Lifeline Right Now!

Lifeline is unquestionably one of the greatest casual games for mobile if you’re searching for something easy and relaxing. You’ll love the game’s exciting plot, addictive gameplay, and comfortable features.

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