Lara V1.11.7074 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Lara
Publisher CDE Entertainment
Genre Adventure
Size 405 MB
Version V1.11.7074
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated January 16, 2024
Download (405 MB)

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Application introduction

Lara is an adventure game published by CDE Entertainment. The protagonist of the game is the fabled female warrior Lara, and it takes place in an old tomb. You will be immersed in the game for hours thanks to its unique gameplay, vertical screen design, and stunning graphics. Now embark on an exciting voyage with Lara!

Introduction about Lara

There will be another amazing adventure with our favorite female archaeologist for fans of the well-known Lara Croft series. This time, it’s your chance to experience the complete thrilling and addictive gameplay procedure on your mobile device, which is quite amazing. To fully experience the incredible Lara, you can run, swing, fly, dive, and navigate over obstacles. Players will experience excellent controls, explore amazing parkour and platformer gameplay, and take on a range of enjoyable challenges and achievements.



The world has seen a lot of weird abnormalities lately. Everything from the climate to the odd haloes that emerge to the increasing amount of altered animals The true source of these things is unknown. A single team of archaeologists has proposed the audacious hypothesis that someone sparked a yearning for global dominance by harnessing the strange power of ancient ruins. Lara decides to go out on her own and investigate some perilous old ruins in an effort to uncover the truth and shed light on a sinister plot aimed at destroying the entire globe. You’ll encounter monsters, adversaries, and traps as you attempt to unearth the mysteries concealed beneath the ruins.

Outstanding Features

Many new locations

Along with exploring the old tombs you’ve been familiar with from previous games, the game gives you the chance to find a ton of brand-new, breathtaking locations across the globe. The game offers many running routes through mountains, deserts, and jungles. There is a certain amount of risk in each location, and there are lots of unexpected things that happen. You have to cross a large area of desert, even though there seems to be no way out of there. You must also cling to cliffs and climb mountains. There are too many hazardous secrets hidden in any large location. However, you will always have a thrilling experience when you visit a new place.


All kinds of interesting transportation

To add to the excitement of the game, players can also ride a range of intriguing vehicles, including motorcycles and off-road vehicles with high speed, including all-terrain vehicles and motorbikes. With vehicles that move quickly, like motorcycles and ATVs, you are free to conquer the road ahead. In an epic action, you have to make quick choices to avoid danger. Go ahead and steer the car like a pro!

Upgrades your weapons and equipment

Moreover, to make Lara more capable during her in-game trials, players are also presented with a range of unique upgrades. Please don’t hesitate to upgrade your weapons to do the opposition more severe damage. Upgrade specific equipment to increase your chances of surviving the tasks.


You take on the role of the strong woman Lara in Lara Croft. On special tasks, you will still investigate haunting old ruins and catacombs. You will continuously move the avatar ahead on the vertical screen while you play the game, executing a variety of moves that are emblematic of Lara’s exceptional strength and abilities, like running, launching, jumping, swinging, driving, bombarding, and even diving into the frigid water. The character uses all of these typical parkour moves. In addition to engaging in head-to-head combat, you can create surprising escape routes that test your ability to survive the last moments. You will complete countless incredible missions with Lara and conquer all of the world’s most powerful enemies.


Download Lara Right Now!

Lara’s smooth animation and immersive sound effects will make you feel completely immersed in the game and make you feel like you’re really on the run, download the game now!

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