Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon V5.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu, Unlocked)

Name Hungry Dragon
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre Arcade
Size 136M
Version V5.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Menu, Unlocked
Updated January 12, 2024
Download (136M)

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Application introduction

Hungry Dragon is an arcade game published by Ubisoft Entertainment. Players will control powerful dragons, which have a powerful breath and are periodically activated to pose a threat to other species. In addition, you will be able to hunt prey that you have never hunted before and meet new dragons. Of course, it is impossible to overlook the game’s numerous mysteries and challenging new stages.

Introduction about Hungry Dragon

While playing as a dragon in games is not new, Hungry Dragon stands out thanks to its special features, which add to the game’s entertaining factor. Could you provide the character with the food he needs? Dragon will search for food to survive. If the dragon is not given any food, it will immediately weaken. While there’s a lot of information in the game, it’s also crucial to avoid confusion when eating. Sometimes a minor error can cause a game to crash and force you to restart from the beginning. But don’t be afraid to keep up the dragon’s inherently strong style.

Hungry Dragon

Outstanding Features

Various new maps

Players can now explore a new area called Secret Temple with Hungry Dragon. It will take some time to get through each level. All of the levels you can play have as their common element the need that you gather a sufficient number of blue stars that pop up across the scene. In addition, that is the key that opens the following level, which is a large region filled with many traps and still has the Fire Rush feature.

Unlock equipment and pets

More outfits are required to improve the dragon’s abilities. As you play the game, get as many outfits as you can. It will be simpler to complete the level if you have a good set of gear. There are numerous additional games where the pet is either an ornament or requires care. However, your pet companion will significantly enhance your strength in Hungry Dragon. Accumulate additional pets to fortify your dragon!

Hungry Dragon

Upgrade your dragon

There are two ways to unlock extra dragons in the game. Some dragons have lock ICONS, which you must unlock by raising the level of the preceding dragon to the maximum. Purple diamonds, which are more difficult to collect than gold, must be used if you decide not to proceed with the unlocking in the previously mentioned order. The menu will grow if you direct the dragon to start eating little animals. Start the fresh sweep and train your dragon to get used to the new food.


In Hungry Dragon, hunger causes your health to steadily decline, so you must continuously search for and eat your prey. Health also depletes at each stage of the game at a distinct rate. Additionally, you can accelerate and achieve your flight destination more quickly by using the acceleration bar located beneath the life bar. The boost bar will fill up quickly after usage. The HP bar is visible in the upper right corner of the screen. Take care to prevent the dragon from starving to death. Apart from calorie-dense prey, players must also be mindful of barriers, some of which cannot be touched.

The player must use self-control to avoid causing a bad situation, as hunger might occasionally make the character more difficult to control. The “Fire Rush” bar at the bottom of the screen will unleash the dragon’s deadly weapon—the capacity to breathe fire. To be more precise, the score is progressively raised by ingesting the prey, and the “breathing fire” is set off when the score is complete. As you move, your target will continue to be attacked by you. Anything that comes into contact with the flame is transformed into gold.

Hungry Dragon

Download Hungry Dragon Right Now!

Download the game now to explore many new areas such as forests, hills, and goblin cities. To become a legendary dragon, you must work hard to acquire extraordinary powers!

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