Happy Pet Story

Happy Pet Story V2.2.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Max Fever, Fast Harvest, Catalog)

Name Happy Pet Story
Publisher Happy Labs
Genre Simulation
Size 50M
Version V2.2.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Max Fever, Fast Harvest, Catalog
Updated January 16, 2024
Download (50M)

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Application introduction

Happy Pet Story is a city-building simulation game published by Happy Labs. This game anthropomorphizes everything, engaging cute animals in human-like activities and the chance to compete for great prizes. Most importantly, its incredible gameplay and experiences allow people to create the most serene lives possible. This game is highly recommended if you love animals and have always wanted to get up close and personal with some lovely fuzzy friends.

Introduction about Happy Pet Story

You will learn proper pet ownership from Happy Pet Story. Although many people don’t have the conditions and time to raise real animals, you can do anything with your Pet in Happy Pet Story. Give them the best care possible and dress them in beautiful and stylish clothes. Interact with them every day to create more joy, and only in this way can we sense endless happiness!

Happy Pet Story

Outstanding Features

Customize your pet’s shape

First, customize your pet to your liking including breed, color, and appearance. Having a pet is also a fun experience, and players will be able to entertain their pets by involving them in various special events. Happy Pet Story’s clothes will enhance your pet’s appearance and show off the pet’s cuteness at the same time. You have daily objectives to finish to obtain a new costume. Every time we finish a task, we receive a little reward. Players can utilize the bonus money they have accrued to purchase apparel and accessories for their pets. You may purchase a variety of adorable pet-related items from the store, including hats, shoes, sandals, and clothing.

Details of home decor

Players can begin creating their own house in the game, including repairing or refurbishing the outside. Individuals have the liberty to create a home that reflects their personal style or creative vision. It follows that we must also take care of it in our unique way. The money you’ve saved up can be used to purchase décor to enhance the room’s aesthetic. All of these things are necessary to decorate your pet’s room, including carpets, pictures of your pet, a comfortable slipcover in the middle of the living room, and even some toys for your pet.

Happy Pet Story

All kinds of fun mini-games

Happy Pet Story offers a variety of imaginative and enjoyable activities designed to help gamers and their pets develop closer. The mini-games are soothing and entertaining, and they will help us obtain a great source of revenue while also accelerating your intellectual growth and deepening your bond with your pet. Your brain and control skills will be put to the test. We will need to solve these puzzles and overcome these hurdles to receive the reward. The difficulty of the challenge determines how much is awarded. As a result, we’ll be even more motivated to finish these tasks to improve the efficiency of your pet ownership career.


Happy Pet Story is simple to operate, choose your favorite animal, and you can start your pet ownership experience. You can get to work using the game’s guidance. Our pets require daily care, such as feeding and watering, dressing, playing outside, and other daily tasks. To guarantee that your pet has the healthiest living conditions possible, you must make sure that all of the elements in their body are in harmony. You and your pet can engage in a variety of enjoyable activities that will provide you with endless entertainment value.

Happy Pet Story

Download Happy Pet Story Right Now!

When we have some free time, Happy Pet Story can help us discover a lot of interesting stuff. Players will have endless time to spend with their beloved animals. Provide your pet with comfortable care without worrying about conditions or space constraints. All activities take place on your phone. Furthermore, the game includes several outstanding and distinctive upgrades that guarantee to provide the most amazing and innovative experience!

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