Granny 5

Granny 5 V1.1 MOD APK (Unlocked All, Android Game)

Name Granny 5
Publisher ScoreTech
Genre Role-playing
Size 105 MB
Version V1.1
MOD Info Unlocked All, Android Game
Updated January 15, 2024
Download (105 MB)

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Application introduction

Granny 5 is a role-playing game published by ScoreTech. This horror game may immerse players in a spooky and thrilling gaming environment. In this game, a character called “Grandma” will be chasing players while they are imprisoned in a house full of traps and puzzles. If you like suspenseful, adrenaline-pumping horror games, you should definitely play Granny 5. This escape game is a five-day adrenaline ride where your best weapon is intelligence.

Introduction about Granny 5

It’s not just another average app. Imagine waking up in an unfamiliar, pitch-black room and not knowing how you got there. You’re facing a dangerous situation, made worse by a horrible grandmother who won’t let you escape. However, you are short of time and don’t have time to think, you have to answer numerous puzzles. Finding a way out of this awful abode in five days is your first assignment. Grandma, speaking of whom, is not your typical knitter and cookie maker. She hovers around you, preventing you from escaping. Every shadow you see and every sound you hear could be her. So your main goal is to move carefully and solve the riddles.

Granny 5

Outstanding Features

A variety of puzzles

Your reflexes and mental faculties will be put to the test by the puzzles in Granny 5. They vary in difficulty from straightforward guessing games to intricate logic puzzles that will force you to pause and consider your options before acting. Every problem is unique, providing you with a new challenge every time you solve it. You have to stay away from the grandfather observing the house through a security camera and the grandma in the room in Granny 5. In Level 1, you have to fix the automobile, gather the missing parts, tires, petrol, and keys, and then get out of there. You have to locate paddles and use a boat to escape in Level 2.

Watch out for traps and collect items

Keep in mind to walk carefully and silently; avoid knocking into objects or creating noise on the ground. Keep an eye out for traps, which include floor openings, trap doors, and stairwells with steps. Grandma set all of these traps in an attempt to get you back into your jail. Remember to gather supplies like shock kits and flashlights that will come in handy during the escape. They will only be used a few times and won’t always be in your pocket, so utilize them carefully when you truly need them.

Granny 5

Excellent graphics and sound

The game’s graphics still genuinely captivate players, despite the context having undergone numerous alterations. The house has a plain background, and every item inside is painted a gloomy tint, giving the entire scene a spooky, dark appearance. In addition to helping the tale progress, graphics have also added to the game’s appeal. In addition, players feel even more terrified when they listen to the game’s mellow soundtrack, which features subtle piano notes.


One of the best elements of the game is what you can unlock. Imagine completing a challenging challenge to unlock a new, trickier challenge. Maybe you can change Grandma’s appearance? Yes, you can change your outfit, hairstyle, and even some weird decorations. It makes an already tough game fun. Have you ever used bad game controls that are very frustrating and make the player lose interest in the parade very quickly?

Fortunately, Granny 5 has simple controls that are easy for players to use. With a few easy swipes and taps, you can quickly solve problems and dodge grandmother. Utilize simple, user-friendly virtual buttons located at the screen’s four corners to move, conceal, and interact with puzzle elements with ease. Remember to pay more attention to and attempt to touch the things positioned in each area, since there may be something concealed behind them. To get out of this maze-like mansion of horrors, search every crevice and find the key.

Granny 5

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This game is an interesting experience for horror game fans, but it’s not for the faint of heart due to its ghostly sound.

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