• Wildscapes


    Size:169 MB
    Introduction:Wildscapes is a match-three puzzle platformer published by developer Playrix. The highly anticipated sequel to the well-known brand has already received close to half a million positive reviews and over 10 million downloads despite its recent release. This is an absolutely must-play game if you enjoy playing puzzle games. Introduce about WildscapesGame featuresGameplayPanda's helpMatch 3 puzzlesUnlock fun animalsCustomize your own zooImages and...
  • Woodoku


    Size:136 MB
    Introduction:Woodoku is a puzzle game published by Tripledot Studios Limited. Do you like solving word puzzles? The graphics of the block puzzle game Woodoku are made of unique wood blocks. The rules of this game are remarkably similar to a classic Tetris game. Get Woodoku now and play it with your pals! Introduce about WoodokuGame featuresGameplayImprove the ability of observation and logical...
  • Words of Wonders

    Words of Wonders

    Size:172 MB
    Introduction:Words of Wonders is a puzzle game published by Fugo Games. Are you familiar with crossword puzzles? You will encounter something different when utilizing Words of Wonders to solve crossword puzzles. Having some available advice to refer to makes the game not too tough. On the other hand, some sections may prove challenging due to their abundance of terms, which may be...
  • 100 Worlds

    100 Worlds

    Introduction:100 Worlds is a puzzle game published by Peaksel Games. Do you want to experience a magical world full of magic? You're going to see a lot of incredible things and non-human animals here that will open your eyes. You can find all kinds of different creatures in 100 different worlds. You must use your intelligence, devise strategies to overcome obstacles and...
  • Zen Match

    Zen Match

    Size:183 MB
    Introduction:Zen Match is a jigsaw puzzle game published by Moon Active. Are puzzles your thing? Zen Match can improve the comfort of your leisure time. People's eyes sparkle at this natural and fresh picture because of the vibrant patterns. Calm music plays throughout the game to help you unwind. When you're idle, give Zen Match a try! Introduce about Zen MatchGame featuresGameplayDecorating...