DownFall V1.0.7 MOD APK (Damage Multiplier, God Mode)

Name DownFall
Publisher Rawhand Games
Genre Role-playing
Size 633 MB
Version V1.0.7
MOD Info Damage Multiplier, God Mode
Updated January 16, 2024
Download (633 MB)

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Application introduction

DownFall Mod APK is a role-playing game published by Rawhand Games. You will descend into hell in this game and engage in combat with a plethora of demons that are perpetually attempting to murder you and take your soul. In this game, there are a variety of demons that you must defeat in order to escape danger.

Introduction about DownFall

The magical world that the game generates is full of shadows and dark hues. The biggest nightmare begins when your feet touch DownFall’s ground. This is not the idyllic paradise that one may envision, where guns and bullets are always ready for action. Thanks to its action-packed elements, the DownFall role-playing game will help players relieve stress. The game features very scary and eye-catching action and killing scenes. As a result, this makes it quite challenging for the player to operate the game. There is no denying the fact that the heat that it offers has made those who have played it deeply addicted to it.


Outstanding Features

A powerful Arsenal

The hero has to use every resource at his disposal to help others and survive in hell. If you have good weapons, your odds of winning will increase significantly. You can get better, more effective equipment at the store. You can use many deadly weapons such as shotguns, machine guns, rifles, and rocket launchers. In addition, additional gear like gloves, rings, and armor will be available for wear by individuals. You have a great deal of power once you have enough of this gear. Customizing the weaponry to your preferences is a unique aspect of this game. While exploring more locations, players can collect countless parts that can be assembled into complete weapons.

A variety of enemies with outstanding abilities

There will be many difficult levels to overcome in DownFall’s Dungeon. Your opponents include demons, monsters, and Ruin Guardians, who are the bosses of each dungeon and can kill you and end your adventure. You may face difficulties from a variety of opponents with exceptional talents. They are capable of spewing fire, speed, poison, increasing damage, and more. To avoid adopting a passive stance, you must move and battle fluidly. One of the things that we need to practice a lot is using skills at the appropriate times. As you level up, the enemies you encounter become more powerful and diverse. To be able to fight your enemies at their best, characters must make sure they become powerful.


Unlock achievements

We shouldn’t discard outdated weapons as useless stuff. Instead, you can add trophies to your own collection. You can obtain more achievements as you amass more armor and weaponry. Achieving goals also brings you a lot of valuable benefits. Achievement is proof of how far you’ve come in the deadly world of DownFall.


There’s a strange story about hell told in the game. To save the planet and get out of the nasty creature-filled dungeon, the hero needs to utilize his gun. Humans employ the power of the devil to obtain what they desire even while it is out of reach. A man named Faust has a deal with the devil, and the devil leads him to a dead end. He is driven by hatred to exact revenge, and you must use character control to wield a fully loaded gun, travel to the specified area, and vanquish any demon that dares to obstruct your path. To increase the potency of your attacks, combine standard attacks with special abilities.


Download DownFall Right Now!

Do you picture a well-advanced post-apocalyptic environment when you hear gunfire? In DownFall, your enemies are the demons of hell. Download DownFall now to use magic to vanquish the demons!

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