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BoothCool v2.0 MOD APK

Name BoothCool
Publisher Flagship Studios
Genre Photos & Videos
Size 23MB
Version v2.0
Updated January 17, 2024
Download (23MB)

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Application introduction

Do you like to record your every day by using a camera to capture every impressive moment of life? And do you want to make the photos you have shot much more unique and perfect through an editing tool? If so, come and download the app BoothCool right now, a powerful app to make your photos creative and professional like a real photographer!


— Whats BoothCool on mobile?

It’s a versatile and interesting photo editing app released and developed by Flagship Studios. this app aims to give you a creative adventure of photographing and photo editing, with lots of excellent features that allows you to capture and treasure up the funny moment in your life in a more impressive and entertaining way.



Massive filters and effects

There is a huge number of modern stylish filters and effects you can choose to apply to your photos. With different filters and effects, you can bring great change to your original photos. Moreover, in order to better express your mood and style, you can also add some colorful frames to enrich the content and enhance the theme of your photo.

— Remove and change your background

If you want to customize the photo background to create different feelings, you can also choose from the in-app templates to remove and add new background to your photos. You can place your portraits to a beautiful natural scene, or simply use a solid color to fill the background to emphasize your portraits.

— Lovely stickers and text

Besides rich filters and frames, this app also gives you hundreds of stickers you can customize to liven up your photo in a unique way. And if you want to make the photo more vivid and eye-catching, you can also add text with the options of colors, styles and fonts to tell your story by inputting your own words or some quotes. In this way can you even create funny memes easily to entertain your friends and family.


— Share your works online

In case you don’t want to enjoy your masterpieces alone, this app also provides you a huge platform to share them with others on multiple social networking apps to make more people around the world view and like your great works of art. It’s also a good way to connect and interact with your friends to share each others’ photos online.

— Create animated character

BoothCool also allows you to create your own 3D animated character. With the help of its advanced AI system, you can turn your own face and body into 3D animated style. You can also attach yourself to aother cartoon body to own a unique cartoon shape. In this way, you can freely transform your images into your favorite cartoon characters and watch them come to life!


Download BoothCool App Now!

    To sum up, BoothCool is really a powerful photography tools to enrich your life by helping create various unique, stylish and aesthetic photos. The rich and divers editing tools, numerous effects as well as convenient services can make you use comfortably and effortlessly with ease. You will soon feel the joy of editing high-quality photos in this app for a while. As a result, if you are passionate about photographing, you won’t miss this perfect photo editor app!


  • Name of App: BoothCool
  • Category: Photos & Videos
  • File size: 23MB
  • Last updated on: Apr 8, 2022
  • The Newest Version: v2.0 (with several bugs fixed and better services updated)
  • MOD Features: MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)
  • Developer: Flagship Studios 
  • Requires Android: Android 5.0 or higher
  • Price: Free
  • Security: Safe
  • Available on: Google Play

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