Berandal Sekolah

Berandal Sekolah V1.11.7 MOD APK (Menu, Money, Damage)

Name Berandal Sekolah
Publisher Aim to Mite
Genre Action
Size 146M
Version V1.11.7
MOD Info Menu, Money, Damage
Updated January 25, 2024
Download (146M)

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Application introduction

Berandal Sekolah is an action game published by Aim to Mite where you play as Ucok and rule your high school. Would you be interested in reading a gripping tale set at a high school? Berandal Sekolah is an intriguing game set in Indonesia that you should attempt. In the game, you take on the role of Ucok, a driven youngster who will do everything it takes to be elected president of the student council at his school. You can pick companions, take on gangs, and alter your look.

Introduction about Berandal Sekolah

Berandal Sekolah provides a special blend of arena, action, and adventure elements. You will enjoy an amazing gaming experience in this game, where exciting conflicts and adventures occur as naturally as everyday life. Players in Berandal Sekolah are free to explore the school’s many settings, including classrooms, sports fields, and even eerie underground areas. But what makes Berandal Sekolah unique is its small yet interesting arena system. Strong opponents and erratic circumstances are what you must contend with. You must utilize your fighting prowess, inventiveness, and imagination to pinpoint your opponent’s flaws and devise a winning plan.

Berandal Sekolah

Outstanding Features

Customize the role shape

Ucok, a strong and audacious character in Berandal Sekolah APK, is reflected in his attire. Ucok feels like a genuine boxer when you opt for him to wear taut and sturdy armor. The armor can be a pair of leather or steel pieces, silver or gold plated to make it more elegant and grand. The color of the armor can also be changed to your liking. Unique daily attire can be used to personalize Ucok. For Ucok, you can create a unique look with a variety of T-shirts, shirts, coats, and trousers. It might be an exquisite suit with a shirt and pants, or it might be a fashionable look with a patterned T-shirt, torn jeans, and sneakers.

Furthermore, you can select accessories like purses, necklaces, sunglasses, and caps. Ucok may pull off a tough “bad boy” style with a statement necklace, cool cap, and metal-rimmed shades.

Berandal Sekolah

Multiple weapon options

Fighting is impossible without reliable weapons. You can get the traditional Sendal Emak, the more modern Gear Sword, or the unique Lato-Lato in Berandal Sekolah. Try out a variety of weapons until you decide the one you like most.

Enemies with their characteristics

You will face off against several ferocious gang leaders to establish your authority as Ucok over the student body. Every fight is different since every gang boss has a different set of advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to defeat the most formidable opponents if you have enough preparation and the appropriate equipment.


You play as a high school student with a dark past who is determined to change the face of his school. You can explore many areas of the school, from classrooms to the gym and cooking facilities, and you’ll encounter a variety of other characters, such as criminals, wicked instructors, and anyone else who comes in the way of your objective. You can complete a wide range of thrilling and varied activities in the game, such as battling opposing gangs, gaining your pupils’ respect, and demonstrating your control. To fight and defend yourself, you can use sticks, knives, or other nearby objects. Additionally, you can form alliances to improve your social ties with other characters.

Berandal Sekolah

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You have accomplished your main objective in Berandal Sekolah DEMO MOD APK after spending hours fighting, exploring, and conquering perilous difficulties. You may learn more about the issue of violence in schools by playing games. You gained more insight into the bravery, solidarity, and self-assurance needed to oppose violence during this journey.

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