Asian Drag Champion

Asian Drag Champion V1.0.7 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money)

Name Asian Drag Champion
Publisher TDMgame
Genre Racing
Size 111 MB
Version V1.0.7
MOD Info Menu/Unlimited Money
Updated January 24, 2024
Download (111 MB)

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Application introduction

Asian Drag Champion is a thrilling racing game published by TDMgame that allows players to compete against each other in high-speed drag races. Cycling is a popular pastime in Asia. Asian Drag Champion makes it simple to enjoy cycling on your Android device. The game will begin with a simple model of a bike for you to use. You may upgrade your automobile as the game goes on. The game includes obstacle avoidance, wheel spinning, and wheel idling. Even though the game is played on a straight track, which diminishes the challenge of turning corners, it still offers an unmatched rush of excitement.

Introduction about Asian Drag Champion

This game will provide you with an amazing experience even though it is a newbie drag racing game. The majority of people should have no trouble playing it, and it doesn’t require an extremely capable handset (Android 5.1 or above). With its own appeal, fluid visuals, captivating soundtrack, and intense gameplay, Asian Drag Champion is an incredibly captivating game. In addition, the game’s large selection of bikes provides players with unrivaled freedom. You can customize the game settings and enjoy tailor-made races. Download this game, compete with your friends, and enjoy the fun of fast driving in the comfort of your device!

Asian Drag Champion

Outstanding Features

Rich challenge

Players will encounter numerous difficult challenges. For example, to save the maximum time in a traffic jam, you have to twist your body to find your way around. Rain causes the road to become slick, making stopping harder, and increasing the risk of sideslipping at any time. In the sun, motorcycles easily deteriorate. When fog begins to build up, visibility is severely reduced. You will have numerous riding techniques for every weather condition and road condition, so choose the best and safest method to complete your mission.

Interesting game mode

Asian Drag Champion brings many interesting game modes to meet the personal tastes of racing drivers, including long-distance racing, single racing, and team racing. Each of these modes has its own rules of the game. You must have a reliable internet connection if you want to compete with other players in single-player mode and team racing mode. However, the game may be played offline in Long Distance Race mode. In order to become a champion, players can choose to play with an emphasis on speed or on taking in the beautiful environment. You are allowed to play the way you want to.

Asian Drag Champion

High-quality graphics

The breathtaking graphics in the Asian Racing Champion game are impossible to ignore. In addition to its intricate track design, the game has stunning lighting effects and accurate weather. Along with its superb design, the bike has a realistic-looking body and rider. Furthermore, the game provides an array of shooting angles so you can choose the optimal angle. It transports you directly to the center of motorsport. In summary, Racing Champion Asia offers a fun gaming experience while flawlessly capturing the passion of racing.


If you enjoy racing, you will find the game’s gameplay to be extremely familiar because it is quite easy. You must first enter the garage and select your preferred motorcycle. Before choosing one, you can review the data for each model on the list of models that are accessible. Following your selection of a vehicle, you can add optional enhancements to make it uniquely yours. There are many parts available, each with unique characteristics. The performance and general appearance of the engine can be altered and improved. However, certain bikes are only usable upon the fulfillment of particular requirements. After choosing a bike and making it your own, you’re ready to start racing!

Asian Drag Champion

Download Asian Drag Champion Right Now!

You can freely display your best racing techniques while competing in thrilling, fast-paced motorbike races on stunning 3D Asian streets in Asian Drag Champion. Download Asian Drag Champion now and compete with other drivers!

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