AirFighters V4.2.7 MOD APK (Unlocked Planes)

Name AirFighters
Publisher RORTOS
Genre Simulation
Size 116M
Version V4.2.7
MOD Info Unlocked Planes
Updated January 09, 2024
Download (116M)

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Application introduction

AirFighters is a simulation game published by RORTOS. You’ll play a lot of thrilling games because of the engaging tactical tasks in the game. In this game, you take on the role of a leader and fly an Air Force plane to take out adversaries in the air, on the ground, or at sea. There are more quests and fun to be found in the game.

Introduction about AirFighters

AirFighters will bring us a best-in-class set of tactics that are designed for fighters with high potential. AirFighters displays the skill of formidable fighters. It features a beautiful substance in operation together with high-quality photos. The game is as immersive as a top FPS. If you like aircraft simulation games, the advantages of this game should not be ignored. World War is about to break out, enter the game and enjoy all the classic battle scenes!


Outstanding Features

A variety of routes to choose from

Using the realistic and accurate world map that AirFighters provides, players may explore and broaden their perspective on the world while also saving time by seeing any location in the globe. You will be able to follow over 500 airports worldwide in the most precise and in-depth manner possible. In addition, the game offers more than a thousand of the clearest paths. Because of airplane navigation, you will be able to easily understand the weather conditions.

Unique aircraft models

The AirFighters mod app features a wide variety of collectible aircraft models. Every design has been finished as closely to what we have seen as possible. Standard airplane components included the F/A-18 Super Hornet, F-14 Super Tomcat, and F35B Lightning II. Based on the aircraft models’ values, you will be able to determine their power. New aircraft models are only unlocked as we get to higher ranks. You can buy unique planes with recharges. Additionally, war hoards can be brought in to exchange in the shop. Every model of aircraft will evoke a distinct emotion in you.


Detailed and realistic aircraft design

Every aircraft is supposed to be carefully and meticulously planned and built. These airplanes operate in an incredibly realistic way and players will feel like they are in the real world. In addition, you can take advantage of the geometry to install the most outstanding and advanced accessories to the cockpit. Please learn how to fly an airplane and operate it correctly. Having the freedom to select your preferred aircraft from a wide range of functions is crucial. To make the game even more enjoyable and to lessen your overall weariness, kindly invite your friends and family to play.

Build your own secret base

You can construct your own covert base anywhere in the world. Here is where you may contribute to our discussion and the creation of the most logical and astute strategies. Use them thereafter for Air Force aircraft missions involving ground targets. Seize control and use the most potent means possible to annihilate the warriors.


You are a courageous and resolute individual, and no number of obstacles can stop you. A sequence of missions makes up the game’s tightly wound-storyline. Enemy mainstay aircraft attempted to attack and injure civilians. Working with our teammates, it is our mission to complete the task as effectively as feasible. The group will engage in combat while flying over enemy sites. You must schedule your flight and refuel as economically as possible. Avoid allowing the task to take longer than necessary. Reach the necessary benchmarks and receive the highest grade possible. Each operation requires a different set of strategic needs, so players must adjust to the reality of the situation.


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Download the game now and train your flying skills to fight most effectively!

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